Is it just me???

Is it just me…

I feel like the only Catholic woman in the country who can’t stand Simcha Fisher’s writing and tone! Am I???

A friend has been sharing many of her blog posts, and recently, my sister sent me her book (A Sinner’s Guide to NFP)…What I can’t get from anyone is why they like her writing. I found the book awfully condescending and and unpleasant, my husband found it very negative towards men, and so many of her blog posts and comments seem just plain uncharitable…But so many women I like and respect enjoy her writing. Why?:confused:

In all charity, the practice of any form of contraception, including NFP, is a mortal sin. You are thwarting God’s desire to give you children, which is an evil act.

Maybe this is what you are really sensing.

No that’s not true… Or at least way over simplified.


This information is taken directly from the
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops official website.

What should a couple do if they have a good reason to avoid having a child?

A married couple can engage in marital intimacy during the naturally infertile times in a woman’s cycle, or after child-bearing years, without violating the meaning of marital intercourse in any way.

This is the principle behind natural family planning (NFP). Natural methods of family planning involve fertility education that enables couples to cooperate with the body as God designed it.

Is there really a difference between using contraception
and practicing Natural Family Planning?

On the surface, there may seem to be little difference. But the end result is not the only thing that matters, and the way we get to that result may make an enormous moral difference. Some ways respect God’s gifts to us while others do not. Couples who have practiced Natural Family Planning after using contraception have experienced a profound difference in the meaning of their sexual intimacy.

When couples use contraception, either physical or chemical, they suppress their fertility, asserting that they alone have ultimate control over this power to create a new human life. With NFP, spouses respect God’s design for life and love. They may choose to refrain from sexual union during the woman’s fertile time, doing nothing to destroy the love-giving or life-giving meaning that is present. This is the difference between choosing to falsify the full marital language of the body and choosing at certain times not to speak that language.

The Church’s support for NFP is not based on its being “natural” as opposed to artificial. Rather, NFP respects the God-given power to love a new human life into being even when we are not actively seeking to exercise that power. However, because NFP does not change the human body in any way, or upset its balance with potentially harmful drugs or devices, people of other faiths or of no religious affiliation have also come to accept and use it from a desire to work in harmony with their bodies. They have also found that it leads couples to show greater attentiveness to and respect for each other.

NFP is acceptable.

I am not particular fond of her writing, though to be fair I can only think of one blog post she has written that I have read. Something about shopping at Dress Barn. The topic was ‘modesty,’ but it was really full of complaints. I think it’s good for women to know that there are other women struggling with similar issues, and I think she is good at letting women know they are not alone, but since I am a 25 yr old single I don’t relate to most of her topics too much.

Just you.

umm…I mentioned the book, not to debate nfp, but as an example of her writing…I have no interest in worrying over nfp…

Maybe a better question would be: Why do you like Simcha’s writing, if you do? What is attractive and good about it? thanks!

I understand completelt. I just couldn’t let the comment about mortal sin let stand. Someone could have been seriously upset or misinformed by it.

I am sorry your thread was hijacked. :blush:

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