Is it just me.....

I feel more attacked, in a spiritual way, since I was baptised (last March). I also notice things about people more, good and bad. I “feel” the good, or the bad. Anyone relate, at all?

I can relate! It seems the closer I get to God the more spiritual battles there are to fight, but then again, we were warned about this very thing in 1 Peter 5:8, so dont forget the following vs 9.:thumbsup:


Thank you for that. I keep thinking of the priest at Mass in France not that long ago. He is an inspiration in love of God. The price is not too high.

Our intellects have been darkened by the Fall and sin. As we grow closer to God, our heads get clearer. So yes, I think what you have been experiencing is natural.

One caution: a common downfall that people have is that they begin to dwell too much on seeing the faults of others. Try to remember to have charity for others as you begin to see more of their faults, and pray for them.

When one starts studying about good and evil, one will notice both … but follow Matthew 7:5

First take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

I’m a cradle Catholic so don’t have anything to compare to after baptism, but temptations are noticeably stronger right after going to confession.

Our enemy is not only Spiritual, but
within, and without. To sum it up, the
world, the flesh and the devil. we can
overcome by “the blood of the Lamb,
the word of our testimony and the
[willingness to lay down our lives for
the Gospel]” see Rev. 12:11 and to
walk, not after the flesh, which is
condemned but after the Spirit
Romans 8:1 and by ADDING to our
“faith, goodness and to goodness
knowledge and to knowledge self-
control and to self-control, godliness
and to godliness, brotherly kindness
and to brotherly kindness, Love”
This will keep you fruitful and product-
ive in your life in Christ. 2 Peter 1

Bless you… The closer we are to God the more that is revealed about ourselves and others… We receive spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit in Baptism and strengthened in Confirmation (look them up) so keep going and test yourself and see what gifts you are stronger in and find your way to grow in that for God gives us gifts to help do Gods handiwork (Ephesians 2:10)… Just keep going forward and cling to the good in you and go to confession if there’s something bothering your conscience which will help.

Sounds familiar to me. When I was just baptized it was not very strong, but as I grow in faith I am able to discern things more clearly, also in other people. I would advise you to pray God for wisdom. Always remain humble, don´t judge others for the vices or sins you see. A real humble man knows its own nothingness and will esteem other people higher than himself.

Maybe because your conscience is being formed, and you are more easily able to discern whether something or not is evil. In other words, your conscience probably became a little more tender and receptive to morality than before. I remember that I used to not mind people cursing around me in the past, and now I can easily notice it. It’s helpful in that it gives you a greater realization of the reality of sin in our world and the need to be watchful. But, and I need to do this, we should not see evil in something that isn’t evil (which is scrupulosity), or judge others when we shouldn’t

It is good to be able to look at a situation or behaviour and see it as the action of a saint or sinner. Especially for the likes of us sinners called back to God following a life of ignoring Him. :pray:t4:
One of the priests at my parish says
if a thing brings you closer to God, embrace it,
Ignore it if it doesnt.
He suggests wearing a scapular, medal, carrying a rosary or prayer cards ( blessed) , when undergoing the ‘is this a spiritual attack ?’ Stage. It is a stage we all go through, even saints, and Jesus Christ himself in the desert.

I received a Christmas gift from a non catholic friend - a mineral that had another mineral waved over it in a new age belief. Being conflicted as to what to do with this gift, and superstitions etc, I asked the head parish priest. He said ’ do you believe in it? No was my answer. He laughed and said there is nothing in it to believe, so thank your friend for their good gifting intention. I thought maybe gift her a rosary :sparkling_heart: In return.
Since I came back to God, the best things I hear from the parish priests is
God is mercy, and God is joy.

Keep focussed on those two qualities.

May God bless your journey .

Yes, I can relate. Satan never sleeps…but we have the remedy, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and He will be with us on our journey even when we ignore Him. If we turn out back on Him he offers graces to help us decide to repent. He is always loving us, and when we get closer to the Lord, the evil one is allowed to tempt us and with our free will we can choose the Lord!

Sometimes you will feel the Lord’s closeness, and sometimes you will think He is absent but He is not.
We need to make acts of love and trust at this time…and when we do that He makes us stronger with His grace.

Every time you draw closer to the Lord and make the right choices the Body of Christ (the Church) becomes stronger.

We are in a battle, a spiritual warfare. It is a privilege we have to work for Him. He is always there for us!

God bless you!

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