Is it licit for me to be singing in an Anglican choir?

My mother sings in an Anglican church choir every Sunday. For a number of years I have occasionally joined her in the choir, because I enjoy the traditional church music. But recently I have become apprehensive about it, because I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for a practicing Catholic to take such an active role in another church’s service.
Is it licit?

I believe the answer is Yes, it is, though I have no personal experience of this,. It’s just from what I’ve seen in previous threads asking the same question, here at CAF.

I think you are in good company @A_Really_Big_Cat

Westminster Abbey’s senior organist and Master of the Choristers is a Catholic , James O’Donnell . When Pope Benedict attended Evening Prayer in the Abbey during his visit to England he was so impressed that he invited the choir to sing at Mass in St Peter’s Rome .

Some photos of the event , the first showing Pope Benedict greeting James O’Donnell in St Peter’s .

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