Is it licit to substitute Apostles Creed for Nicene Creed at ALL Masses?

Is it licit to substitute the Apostles Creed for the Nicene Creed at ALL Masses?

Seems like I remember some conditions when the Apostles Creed could be used – such as Masses celebrated for children? Thanks.

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The Roman Missal indicates that either may be used. In fact, it points to specific celebrations in which the use of the Apostles Creed is particularly appropriate to be used – as if it’s actually recommending its use at those times!

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There used to be conditions as you point out. When the third edition of the Roman Missal translation was made effective on the First Sunday of Advent 2011, the Apostles Creed no longer had conditions for substitution and may now be freely used at any and all Masses.

It’s not a substitute. Either creed is an equally valid option. So, yes, it is licit.

That rubric changed.

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It’s licit…

But the fact that the Priest you are referring to seems to do this in defiance to the new (2011) translation of the Nicene Creed is extremely troubling.

I think his Bishop needs to have a talk with him - especially if he’s contending the current Nicene Creed translation is unfit for liturgical use. It seems if that were the case, he’s setting himself up as an authority on something which he has no legitimate authority to judge in the first place.

How did you come up with all of this? What fact are you talking about?

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Huh? If it’s licit to use either creed, it’s licit. The reason is not relevant. The only lack of legitimate authority involves second guessing a priest doing what he is allowed.


Aha! That’s what I was looking for! I still miss the Nicene Creed a great deal, but at least now I know. Thanks.

Be thankful you get either one. We get neither. Zip, zilch, nada. No repeating baptismal promises either. Straight from the end of the homily to "please stand. “For the stewardship of our mother earth and all earth’s children, we pray to the Lord” "Lord hear our prayer’.

Lord have mercy on us.

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Yes, but…

The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed is still supposed to be used. The Apostles Creed may be used from time to time.

They aren’t both equal in usage. Not quite.

It isn’t presented as an option of “pick either one, it doesn’t matter” but instead that the Nicene is supposed to be used most of the time, while the Apostles may be used sometime.

It can be used “any time” but still “any time” does not mean “every time”

I know that’s subtle. The frequency is not defined, but still, doing it every time is beyond what is permitted.


That’s very troubling.

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That was from another thread, which is now deleted. Perhaps we should leave it out of the present discussion.

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All the churches I have been to say the apostles creed. It is what I learned growing up and is still said at every mass. I am not in the US though.

Father, is the Apostles Creed constantly used when saying the Rosary? As in:

  • has it always been used when saying the Rosary?
  • its usage in the Rosary is dedicated? (would it be wrong to recite the Rosary with the Nicene Creed?)

As other people have said, that was changed in 2011. But in Canada, we’d been reciting the Apostles Creed for as long as I can remember. That was one of the adaptations the Canadian bishops had requested back in 1975. Not that we never recited the Nicene Creed but it was not often, at least in English. We tended to use it more often in French.

The Dominican manner of reciting the rosary doesn’t include the Apostles’ Creed at all; the rosary proper begins with the first mystery.

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The Rosary is classified as “popular piety” rather than “liturgy.”

Liturgy is strictly defined by the Church. Popular piety is not.

There are all kinds of variations on the rosary. I can’t possibly know them all, let alone list them all.

In the U.S. it’s typical to begin the Rosary with the Apostles Creed. That’s what most of the books or pamphlets will tell you.

At the same time though, exactly because it’s popular piety, you’re free to vary things as you see fit.

It you want to use the Nicene instead of the Apostles Creed, go right ahead.

The only thing I would suggest is that if you do it as part of a group, that the entire group be in agreement and praying the same prayers.


Thank you @FrDavid96 and @AngelusDomini I didn’t know any of this.

you really ought to discuss that with your pastor…

Is this a universal thing, or unique to the US? I ask because I am outside the US and it would be very uncommon for us to say the Nicene Creed as opposed to the Apostles Creed.

Our pastor is a “liturgist” (I think that’s the right word - he has advanced degrees in liturgy) so I’m quite confident in his direction.

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