Is it moral to share coupons?


Sometimes family members share coupons with my parents if they are not using them. They get these coupons because they have a card or subscription of some kind with a certain store, and today, my mom and I went out to get bedroom things at a certain store and my brother, who doesn’t live with us gave her a 20% off coupon with his name and address on it (it was mailed to him) that he wasn’t going to use so she used that at the store to get money off. Is this a moral thing to do? I don’t know if it was against store policy to use someone else’s coupon, but it did have my brother’s name and address on it and the cashier didn’t seem to mind that my mom was using it. Just wondering what a good moral answer to this is.


Stores send out coupons to bring in business. They could care less who spends money on their goods as long as someone does. It’s perfectly fine.


Absolutely… :thumbsup:


It doesn’t make a difference whatsoever. And how would it be immoral if it is just sharing? Its not like you stole coupons from someone. :smiley:

God bless!




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