Is it morally acceptable to provide financial support for evangelical Christian friends?

Salutations, I have a moral question on providing financial support for evangelical Christian friends.

I have a couple of evangelical Christian friends who are part of the staff of a college campus ministry as their full time jobs. As part of their job, they have to raise salary by asking people (like me) to provide them with financial support. I used to participate in this evangelical ministry, but I stopped once I came back home to the Catholic Church. (This church played a role in me returning to the Catholic Church.)

Now my friends have asked me to be one of their financial supporters. They are two of the most virtuous people I know. I want to support them but I do not know if it is morally acceptable to do so. I want to ask the board what the Church says about this. Would my support be forbidden by the Church? Where in Church law does it say yes or no?

As Pope Francis recently said, all Christians are brothers and sisters. So I feel in that sense, it may be okay.

However, there are some sentiments in this church that seem anti-Catholic. I know for a fact that people have left the Catholic Church to join this church, but I have to question how solid their faith was to begin with.

As a follow-up, if it is acceptable, would my support of them count toward my ~10% monthly tithing?

I believe that should be all the pertinent information. What do y’all think?

(I was not sure if this should go into this forum or Evangelization. Kindly let me know if I got it wrong.)

I would not consider it immoral but I personally do not contribute money to any religion besides the Catholic Church. I will contribute food, clothing or similar goods to be distributed to those in need if asked but not money. This is just my personal rule, I do not know if the church has an official stance.

Also, I do not believe the Catholic Church requires giving 10%.

Why owul you want to fund someone who is teaching a false Gospel?

Well, you would be doing greater good it seems by funding a FOCUS missionary who can bring young people to the Catholic Faith. But you must decided yourself. What would be most pleasing to God?

I think the term “false” is a little harsh in this sense… I would call it an incomplete gospel.

But the reason I want to fund them? They are my friends. They are virtuous people. They are true brothers and sisters in Christ. I know firsthand that they do good work for the kingdom of God. I love them.

But they are not preaching the fullness of truth. You would be better off supporting a Catholic Charity.

You know they are good people who do good work. Contribute to them. I would sooner contribute to a non-Catholic cause where I knew personally that they did good work, than to some other organization that I do not know much about just because it’s Catholic.

I think I understand where you are coming from.

Perhaps you ought, however, to fund Catholic groups, so that the fullness of the Gospel might be better known. Lord knows Catholic organisations are struggling to get money, too. You’d get more for what you pay for if your money went to, say, Catholic Answers, or, or the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

It’s not bad to give money to fellow Christians. Not at all. But it’s best when those fellow Christians are orthodox and orthopractical. Just ask yourself: are there better missions which I can support?

Can I ask where in Church law it says that it is morally acceptable?

There is nothing wrong with supporting your friends.
It’s your money and it’s your call.
Go with what your conscience tells you to do.

Giving money to your friends for this service is partly a human motive. They are your friends.

But to do things for a supernatural motive is ideal. What about 50/50. Give the same amount to them as you will give to the Fellowship Of Catholic University Students. They need money badly!!

Only something like 1 in 5 of Catholic College and University students goes to mass. So many Catholic young people lose their faith in College. Will they ever get it back?? Maybe not.

It’s up to you, the Catholic Church doesn’t formally ask you not to, however it is likely they will actively use your funds to convert Catholics away from the Church. This is especially prevalent on college campuses and missions in traditionally Catholic/Orthodox countries.

Would it bother you if this money is used to evangelize catholic students away from their faith?

This is a valid point. There are many catholic kids on campus that have no real relationship with God. It’s best they be converted back to the one truth Church.

Perhaps you should consider the following verses:

John said to him, “Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in your name, and we tried to stop him, because he was not following us.” But Jesus said, “Do not stop him, for no one who does a mighty work in my name will be able soon afterward to speak evil of me. For the one who is not against us is for us. For truly, I say to you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ will by no means lose his reward.

(Mark 9:38-41 ESV)

A cup of water is commendable. I’ve assisted in soup kitchens with protestants. However, I would never assist a evangelical or protestant church in their teaching or preaching in a college campus or to Catholics and Orthodox. To be on the safer side, I don’t donate any money to any non-Catholic or non-Orthodox group, but I will donate my time and assist the community letting anyone who asks know that I am a practicing Catholic.

Catholics should not provide financial support for these types of Evangelical protestant ministries. Regardless of how well-intentioned these people are–and I don’t doubt their good intentions–they are drawing people away from the Catholic Church and thereby endangering their souls. They most certainly preach a different gospel–and St. Paul had some strong words for those who confuse the gospel of Christ (see Galatians 1:6-10).

I think it goes without saying that it ought not count toward your tithing, especially when there are Catholic parishes and apostolates everywhere who are struggling for lack of sufficient funding.

If you want to support a campus ministry, I wholeheartedly recommend FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students). I can testify first-hand to the excellent, fruitful work they do on university campuses.

Thank you for the response EnglishTeacher. You and SyroMalankara have posted different opinions…

Do you know where in Church law it says that we cannot financially support non-Catholic Christians?

This is what Pope Francis had to say in his recent homily:

Being generous toward the church, but selfish and unjust toward others “is a very serious sin: It is using God to cover up injustice,” he said Feb. 20 during his homily in a morning Mass celebrated in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae, where he lives.

Here’s the whole sermon:

So, based on what the Pope said, would it be acceptable for me to support them?

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