Is it morally just for an adult male to


…stimulate his own genitalia in order to put on a condom catheter? I am aware of this.


As a practicing nurse, I’ll be straightforward: NO.

I have put condom catheters in patients before, and I certainly did NOT need to stimulate them. The procedure is done on a limp member and fixed/secured - I don’t know how to explain well in English, sorry - with an adhesive tape. Having the penis erect for the procedure would complicate things, as the fixation would loosen as soon as the penis stopped being erect, which might make way for urine to escape. It is just a terrible idea.

Condom catheter is different from a condom: while the condom is to remain for as long as the penis is erect (and removed as soon as it is not), a condom catheter is placed on a limp member and fixed with adhesive tape).

There is absolutely no need to stimulate oneself just to put a condom catheter. If anyone told you otherwise, they were terribly misguided on this procedure, or did so in bad faith.


This is probably one of the best quality answers I’ve read on CAF. Succinct, clear, concise, and yet comprehensive enough to be informative


I agree.


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