Is it morally licit to watch full movies on Youtube?

Is it morally licit to watch full movies on Youtube?

I don’t think one can rule out all movies in a general sense, some movies are made, say like one Pro-Life movie, that one MAAFA 21 and the makers put it on youtube.

Yet, if some for-profit movies are put on youtube, I think that would be wrong. Maybe it is okay to put some movie on though all the same.

I saw “They Killed Sister Dorothy” on YouTube. It’s a documentary about a nun in Brazil who was shot (close-range, six consecutive shots) for challenging the abusive lumber industry. So I think YouTube’s continued allowance of documentaries being available would be nice, but for-profit Disney movies and the like are pirated. Old movies are ok, though, if they’re in the public domain. Check the public domain!

If movies are not legally uploaded they get taken off very quickly. I wouldn’t worry about it.


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