Is it my enthusiaism or do I sound anti-Protestant?


Okay let me explan:

Last year as most know me by know as for coming on this forum last December 2004, I was longing to find the REAL TRUTH! I was skeptical about the CC at first but knew I was ignorant about it. Heck, I thought Protestantism was the right religion :rolleyes:

After realizing the CC is the TRUE CHURCH our Lord established, I’m glad to “see” that. However, reading some info and background on the Reformation, I get ANGRY at the fact that the dude had to start his own “church” (you know who)!

Why am I ANGRY? Because the CC IS the One, True Church our Lord really INTENDED!!! And look, some dude and other dudes had to start their own “religion”, breaking apart from the Catholic Church, therefore, “watering” down stuff, taking away Mary and the Saints, etc. especially the Eucharist! Ohoohh!! Thinking that the Reformation would be “better” so to speak but in the end, made things a heck of a lot worse (bad grammar there! Sorry :smiley: ) by having people NOT KNOW THE TRUTH THEY NEED TO KNOW!!!

Now before you guys start judging me and critizing me, I want to let you know that I do love our Protestant brethren yes, I just WISH they would come to know the FULLNESS OF TRUTH! I’m not mad at them personally for being Protestant, I’m upset at the fact that they don’t have the FULLNESS OF TRUTH!

I guess it’s more like “an anger because one doesn’t know the Truth when they have to”! LOL!

Okay, take a deep breath PB and relax! :wink:

Your comments, questions, concerns?


It’s a waste of time thinking about what could have been. All the “what ifs” will drive you crazy. All we need to do is work within the circumstances we find ourselves. Sometimes we get frustrated with the state of things, but look at all the spiritual growth we get having to defend our faith. Would you be working this hard to learn our faith if the whole world was Catholic? I probably wouldn’t.

As for Luther himself, you might want to look at some of the things he wrote. He sounds almost schitzophrenic at times. It appears that if he had known what he was starting, he never would have broken off in the first place. I guess that probably goes for all of us - how different would we lead our lives if we really knew what kind of impact they have on those around us as well as future generations?


Don’t get angry Paris. Conduct your life as a living witness to your faith and let God work the conversion of hearts. Our zeal can sometimes backfire. :wink:


(This is based on my own thoughts and experience. You might be totally different. But see if this helps).

On the one hand.
Always feel free to say that the Catholic Church is the only true church. That’s just stating a fact.
And don’t feel guilty just because others tell you that you are sectarian. A lot of people take ‘tolerance’ too far. You’ve got to decide for yourself, or with the help of trusted others, about whether you are sectarian or not.

On the other hand.
Anger can end up hurting you. Sometimes it can even end up hurting others. So it’s best to avoid unnecessary anger.
Don’t always look at the half empty side of the cup. Remember that protestant teaching is a mixture of truth and lies, and it’s often more truth than lie.
Also remember that people who are protestants were fooled into believing these lies by the protestants before them… so sometimes, the person who started the problem is not around for you to be angry at! Hate the lie but never hate the person who has been fooled into believing the lie.
Sometimes we become angry and sectarian because of fear - because we are worried about losing our faith and so we feel like we have to make a point of dissing the protestants to strengthen our own faith. A good way to combat fear is to spend some time in reasoned thinking and in prayer. Try to figure out where the fear is coming from, and try to strengthen your faith in a way that doesn’t cause you to be angry.


[quote=forthright]Would you be working this hard to learn our faith if the whole world was Catholic? I probably wouldn’t.

Having been born in a country where about 90% are Catholics, I’ve grown used to indifferentism and ignorant of great treasures of devotions and spiritual ascesis that the Church offers.

As I’ve read in this forum a few moments ago, we need to trust that Gos is in control. He always gets good out of evil, even a not so bad one as the Reformation. Secularism is worse.



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