Is it my imagination?

Hi all,

Recently I had some “weird” experience. The event happened on last weekend morning. I felt so frustrated in my job search. I had an idea of giving up the job searching in my mind. This frustration was so great, it forced me to go out and had a little walk.

While I was walking on the street, a biblical story came into my mind. It was a story of Jesus calling Simon as his first disciple. The story can be found on Luke ch.5 1-11. Let me paste the story here:

v1 The people crowded round Jesus because they were so eager to hear God’s message. He was standing by the lake of Gennesaret. v2 Jesus saw two boats on the shore. Men had been fishing. They had left their boats and they were washing their nets. v3 Jesus got into the boat that belonged to Simon. Jesus asked Simon to move his boat into the water little way from the shore. Jesus sat down and taught the people from the boat. v4 When we had finished speaking, Jesus said to Simon, Take the boat into the deep water. Drop our nets to catch fish… v5 Simon said, **“Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing!” But because you tell me to, I will drop the nets into the water. ** v6 When they had done this, their nets caught a great crowd of fish. The nets began to tear.

When the story popped up in my head, I felt myself became Simon. I told God, “Master, I worked hard all days and found nothing!” and I “heard” a gentle voice, “Cast your net again”.

The voice was gentle but powerful. It gives me power to continue my job search. Today, I ask myself, “was it my imagination or God spoke to me?” Does God speak to people in this way? Please shed some light on this question. Thanks.

Well, it could be your imagination and it could be God speaking to you. But also remember that God often speaks to us through scripture. His lessons are eternal. It very well may be God speaking to you (whether physically or in your thoughts), but nobody can say that for sure.
God bless!:slight_smile:

Lord please guide Joseph to the right work opportunity, and help him to secure employment very soon.

It could be, Joseph. It would be great if it is the Lord, I hope so for you.

I hope so too…

Anyway, as I look back, there is no harm to “cast the net” again.
If God wills, I might catch a “big” fish .

I pray that if it is God speaking to you, that you are lead to the place that will hire you. :signofcross:

To be honest, I learn so much thing from my “jobless” years.
At least, it draws me closer to God!

Of course God speaks to people in the way you describe, that is an almost classic example of an inspiration from God. Many devout people describe what you describe as the normal way that they receive God’s word when they face a problem or decision.

Yes, this is one of the ways that God speaks to us. Persevere, my friend!

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