Is it necessary for the Exorcism Prayer of St. Benedict to be used when blessing his medals?


A priest at a local monastery did me the favor of blessing a number of St. Benedict medals today. Only he didn’t have the specific prayer for them at hand and just performed a standard, Eastern Rite over them instead. Is that ok or should I have the full rite of them performed?


I don’t think the Lord is nearly as choosy as we are. As well, I imagine that Saint Benedict himself was interceding throughout. Have confidence!

EDIT: Regardless, the medal is no more than a decoration without your faith.


Hmm…the blessings and prayer of the Church are powerful, I wouldn’t say a blessed object is just an object without our particular Faith…


All blessings are not equal. Words have meaning. Print out the exorcism blessing and ask a priest to use it for blessing the medals.


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