Is it necessary to pray daily?

I have a hard time praying when at home or during down time. Instead, I go to church very often, and pray to Jesus right after I receive the Eucharist. And I also go to Eucharistic Adoration daily(or often) and pray to Him personally. I’ll pray the rosary before Him as well.

So when I went on a week long vacation, I cut myself off from my usual habits of church and Eucharistic Adoration so I could relax. I feel cut off from God, and I haven’t prayed. I’m just wondering if I were to find free time like this again sometime, is it important to pray? Why is it that I need to pray…? Prayer has always seemed kind of vague to me, like why is it important? For the rosary, there’s specific benefits laid out, but I don’t know what I’m getting with just normal prayer.

I know what you mean, but if I could say, just say a simple thank you God for this new day, and the Our Father I think it will go a long way.

Prayer is actually very important! I am reading a book about it (The Ways of Mental Prayer by Fr Lehodey, available as a book or from free online) and many other books and saints talk about the importance of prayer.

First, prayer is how we talk with God. If we don’t pray, He doesn’t hear from us. Now, imagine a man telling his wife he’s going away and he’s not going to call her because he wants to relax. Not a good sign…

Second, we owe God prayer in justice, at least 15 minutes a day. He created the world for us, gave us life and the grace of being Carholic, and any good in our lives comes from Him! Christ suffered and died for us! So yes, we should at the very least check in with Him for 15 minutes a day :slight_smile:

Third, if we love God, we will spend more than that 15 minutes a day with Him. And the more time we spend with Him, the more we will love Him and the more we will be happy about spending time with Him in prayer.

Now, Fr Lehodey talks in the preface of the need for mental prayer, and that is that it leavens the spirituality of the person (he put it better…). Without mental prayer, he says, our prayer life becomes flat and routine.

So we must not only pray, we must engage in mental prayer. And this should be done every day because that works best.

One thing he says is that mortification detaches us from this world, and prayer unites us to God. Without prayer, any pain or mortification we suffer is just painful to us because we are not uniting with God.

And another priest I heard giving a talk said that we have had a collapse of me tal prayer ove rthe past few decades because *so much *emphasis was put on vocal prayer. But Vocal prayer is very much elementary: it develops good habits, we learn from it, we continue to use it, but we must move on, just as we move on from learning ±x & /, iyswim.

And finally, there are saints who agree that those who pray will be saved, and those who don’t will not be saved. Prayer is indeed extremely important!

It’s of grave matter not to pray every day. God loves us SO MUCH so we should want to pray to Him even if that were not the case.

you should pray everyday.i know it helps me alot

We ought to pray because we love God and not because we get something out of it.

Is it important to pray everyday? Let me answer by asking is it important to eat everyday? You must regularly feed your body to keep it healthy, likewise you must also feed your relationship with God regularly to keep this healthy as well. It really is a relationship that you have with the Lord, one that you must work on to keep it growing just like you have to with all the other relationships you have with various people in your life.

In all honesty and sincerity, it is more important to pray than to eat. It would be better for you to physically die of starvation than to completely neglect your prayer life.

God is blessing you by allowing you to feel cut off from himself. This is him calling you to himself! Go to him! Start small, just a couple minutes every day. Find a prayer that really speaks to you or just pray from your heart in your own words. You can always ask the Lord to teach you why and how to pray.

You don’t have to be in church to say a short prayer. It seems to me your daily prayer rituals are burdening you by taking up too much time. Maybe you need to cut back a little. Pray the rosary only on the days you don’t visit with Jesus in church. Maybe praying a decade or two instead of the whole rosary at once. You might be pressed for time but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a quick prayer in here and there, like grace at meals, instead of the longer commitments.

Keep this in mind: If we go to God to be fulfilled, we are lost in such an intention. For it would be an action of pride. It seems apparent that you reacted to God shutting down your floodgates of fulfillment. A soul grows to love to suffer spiritual distress in order to abide in a purer love. This process is undertaken by prayer. St. Alphonsus said when a soul ceases prayer it dies.

The Didache (written in the immediate generation after the epistles) says that a Christian should at least pray 3 Our Father’s a day.

This is not a morally binding statement, however, denying yourself prayer time is enormously harmful to your lifelong conversion process, to such a point that it’s inconceivable that you could advance without incorporating prayer into your life. It would be like trying to advance your married life without the husband and wife ever speaking to one another.

Prayer is a devotional act. It does not have liturgy. Just try to talking to God.

Start small and then build your way up from there. Do you have things in your life you are grateful for? Your health? The sunshine? The rain? The soft, wonderful feeling of the wind against your skin? Your family/friends? Your life? Then just take a brief time to thank God for all those things. The prayer might be half a minute. That’s fine. Tell God “I love you”, and then, as you go, build yourself up into other areas. Into petitions, or reflections with him. Make yourself increasingly reliant on his power.

Just like we like to spend time with our loved ones, so it is also that we would like to spend time with God, whom we love too. It is not easy to find time in the day for family and God, but in the long run, carving out just 15 minutes a day every day will significantly improve our relationship with God.

Recently, after confessing not praying as I should, the priest told me he acknowledges the difficulty of finding time for prayer but even a short prayer, said sincerely and with love, is pleasing to God. There are days when I only manage to pray before meals, but that’s still three times a day. And I offer this prayer for various intentions (The Husband, my parents, my parish, our priests and so forth), so if nothing else I have taken a few minutes to thank the Lord for his goodness and generosity as well as demonstrate that others are never far from my mind, heart and soul. Prayer is not always about what I get out of it but also what I give from it.

God bless!

We pray to adore God, to praise him, to express our contrition, to thank him, to intercede for others and to make supplication for our needs. If we stop praying, we lose our spiritual life in God. God bless you.

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