Is it normal to flip flop in religion?


Is it normal to have a flip flopping faith? I try to remain in the Church and do right, but sometimes I completely denounce my faith and then return. Maybe it’s because it’s hard living a holy life. Maybe that’s why I go back and forth, I don’t know. Just hoping for some advice on this issue. God bless you all and ty


Why are you Catholic?

Is there any intellectual apologetics reasons?


It’s normal for some of us. I bounce in and out of the church as well.


I have…or rather had…a tendency to do this in my faith, especially when things were hard and I just started into Catholicism from a very emotion-based denomination. Catholicism was actually my antidote. Catholicism approaches faith from a very factual standpoint. As a result it just feels more…solid? It’s hard to explain.

I really recommend studying up on the more intellectual writers in the faith. Thomas Aquinas is great. God is unchanging, regardless of circumstance. That is one thing Satan doesn’t want us to rememver when times are hard or we go through a dry period…because then those troubled times would drive us even deeper into the love of God.


I think it’s normal perhaps to be continually moving back and forth in ones spiritual life anyways,don’t be disheartened by it .Every effort counts even when your heart’s not in it.


I feel like sometimes I believe and sometimes I don’t.


I wonder if you could get into the practice of spending time alone with Jesus in the tabernacle…something I need to get into the swing of.


In the tabernacle?


Yah,go and sit or kneel in the church knowing Jesus is right there with you in the tabernacle .Tell him what’s in your heart ,how your feeling just like you would your best friend.


Why do you sometimes not believe? :slight_smile:


I think it’s really about sin. I do have doubts but something keeps me coming back.


Least you’re honest :grin: maybe you can study up on you intellectual doubts: Example = Peter being the Rock.

And you can pray about the issue of sin. :slight_smile:


Also consider looking up the lives of saints. Might help.



In a way, I don’t think I’ll ever completely believe, without doubts. I’m open but I’m also a see it to believe it type of guy. Nevertheless, I’m trying here. I feel like for me, the reason I keep struggling to hang on to my faith is because sin feels good and I don’t want to let it go. Sure I have intellectual doubts but I think they come second to why I’m in and out of faith. It’s a real struggle.


You’re definitely not the only one, me too


Yet to completely walk away just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes I think I’m just making excuses not to go to Church and live God’s way. I don’t know but, I’m trying to stay more in prayer and in learning about the faith and how to apply it to my life. I guess that’s a start.


I think it’s normal. Trying to stay more in prayer helps for sure. I wish you the best.
May God bless you


Thank you, God bless you also.


Read Psalm 51; it’s a Psalm that David wrote after he had slept with Bathsheba. He describes the period of unrepentance as having broken bones. God guided him back to faith, though. Your feeling of guilt is a sign that God wants you. Why else would He be calling you back? Just cry out to Him as if the jaws of Hell are about to swallow you whole.

That’s what it comes down to. Either stop crying out to Him, die and go to Hell or keep crying out to Him until He saves you.

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