Is it normal to flip flop in religion?


It is a complex question. Are you talking just about the Catholic faith or basic faith in God? Is it a moral flip=flop or an intellectual flip-flop?


Moral flip flop


So, is it like loving your parents but not following their rules? Ok. God - the “big guy in the sky”, as my 3-year old put it once - He knows about our weaknesses, about our doubts (think about Thomas); about our denial (think Peter) about our sins (think Paul). He knows we will mess up, but doesn’t condone it. That’s why we have free will. Right now your sin feels good. After a while it will not. But, whether you enjoy it or not, God is still there. And He basically lets you off the hook (kinda). Be honest with yourself about what you are doing. Deal with the temptations as you can. Go into an empty church once in a while, sit down and talk with God, and ask for counsel. I mean it literally. Just do it and see what happens.


I appreciate your encouraging words.


Our faith is like driving a car.
When you get in your car, you don’t say, I’m in a hurry today, I’m not going to stop at stop signs. Or, there’s a huge line up to get through that light, I’m going to drive on the left hand side and go to the front. Somehow, we get our license by studying the hand book, learning how to drive, having lessons, so that when we actually do drive, we are all trying to follow the same rules. The reason we do that is because there’s a million other drivers out there sharing the road with us.

So it is with our faith. God gave us the hand book to guide us in scripture, he gave us an instructor with the church. When we go out in the world we apply the rules of the road because we share it with a million other people.

We are here to get out of bed in the morning and take God’s hand into the day. To be a blessing to people. When you’re plugged into God, he can use you. We need you to be plugged in. It is so much more than just following rules. God has more for you! Ask him for more! God bless you.


Then start with the great command: Love one another as I have loved you.

That may be hard t discern at times. I think of it in terms of kindness and patience. It may be difficult to know what love means in a particular situation but you cant go wrong with kindness and patience.

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