Is it normal to not be scared to die?


I used to be very very very scared of death, and now, since I have started re-connecting with God , and began living in the way of the Lord, I am not scared at all.
I also find myself looking forward to the end of times…Does that sound crazy?
I see things happening today, that was described in the bible ( i believe it was in the end of the bible) sorry, I am just starting with reading the bible…so i am still a little new :blush:


I’m a lot like you and, God willing, would rather enter the gates of Heaven sooner than later. Patients, and trusting in God’s will, are virtue!

God Bless


I used to feel that way, almost to a “T”, when I started my conversion. Now, however, I’m not so much scared to die as I am the way that I’m going to die. Although, I’m not really scared as I am concerned. But I don’t think about it much.

Along the lines of being scared, is when I was small, I was ALWAYS petrified to look up at the night sky. I never understood why, but I was absolutely mortified when I looked up there. :eek: I had nighmares about it and everything. After my conversion, I love looking at the night sky! :slight_smile:

Really, really weird. I’m sure it has spiritual significance, but I have no clue as to what it is… :shrug:


Me too!

Once I began this journey I didnt worry about death anymore…

I now just worry about leaving my son… hopefully when he is old enough and a family of his own… that kind of thing.




No. As Catholics, we should not fear death, but in a way celebrate that we will go into eternal life with God.


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