Is it o.k. to remove words from the Creed?

Hello, I’m a Catholic college student who is unfortunately forced (due to lack of transportation) to attend Mass at the ultra-liberal Newman Center on campus. I noticed that whenever the Creed is recited, the words are gender-neutral. I then noticed that ALL the missals have been edited where the Creed is listed-- the gender-specific words have literally been blacked out with a marker. For example, instead of “for us men and for our salvation” it says “for us and for our salvation” because the word “men” has literally been scratched out in every copy i have seen. Is this allowable? If not, whom do I contact? Please help! Thank you and may the Lord bless you!

It is never permissible to use an altered version of the Nicene Creed during Mass.

The Code of Canon Law states:

Canon 846, 1: The liturgical books approved by the competent authority are to be faithfully observed in the celebration of the sacraments; therefore, no one on personal authority may add, remove, or change anything in them."

InaestimabileDonum.html]Inaestimabile Donum:

"The faithful have a right to a true Liturgy, which means the Liturgy desired and laid down by the Church, which has in fact indicated where adaptations may be made as called for by pastoral requirements in different places or by different groups of people. Undue experimentation, changes and creativity bewilder the faithful. The use of unauthorized texts means a loss of the necessary connection between the lex orandi and the lex credendi. The Second Vatican Council’s admonition in this regard must be remembered: “No person, even if he be a priest, may add, remove or change anything in the Liturgy on his own authority.”(8) And Paul VI of venerable memory stated that: “Anyone who takes advantage of the reform to indulge in arbitrary experiments is wasting energy and offending the ecclesial sense.”(9)

Where to go for help:

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