Is it o.k. to take birth control pills for health reasons?

My daughter is 20 and is not sexually active. She believes in and follows the Catholic teachings. Ever since she began her menstrual cycles at age 11, she has had very irregular periods; sometimes months in between; sometimes every two weeks for a couple of months. Also, she bleeds very heavily when she does have her period naturally. About ten months ago her doctor prescribed birth control pills to regulate her period. I am concerned with this. I realize that in this situation it would be allowed since preventing birth is not her reason for taking them. However, I would like to know if there is any natural way to regulate a monthly period so that she wouldn’t be taking the birth control pill. Also, I understand there is a large relationship between birth control pill use and later breast cancer. If you cannot answer this, can you direct me to where I could find out this information. Thanks very much and God bless!

One can use birth control pills for therapeutic means necessary to cure bodily diseases (see excerpt below). To better understand the context of this teaching, I recommend you read the Encyclical Humanae Vitae.

Lawful Therapeutic Means

  1. On the other hand, the Church does not consider at all illicit the use of those therapeutic means necessary to cure bodily diseases, even if a foreseeable impediment to procreation should result there from—provided such impediment is not directly intended for any motive whatsoever. (19)

Source: Humanae Vitae

For information on the connection between breast cancer and the birth control pill I recommend the following website:One More Soul.

Recommended reading:

Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and the Birth Control Pill
By: Dr. Chris Kahlenborn.

Also, your daughter might want to obtain a second opinion concerning the diagnosis and treatment of her medical condition. Check with One More Soul for doctor referrals.


New Evidence of a Link…

Breast Cancer

God bless you!

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