Is it o.k. to use a crystal or pottery chalice at Mass?

Is it OK to serve the precious blood in a crystal / pottery cup instead of a gold chalice??
if NO then what resources are there that I can take to a priest, w/o being confrontational??

Chalices made of crystal or pottery cannot be used to hold the Precious Blood.

General Instruction of the Roman Missal:

  1. Sacred vessels are to be made from precious metal. If they are made from metal that rusts or from a metal less precious than gold, then ordinarily they should be gilded on the inside.

  2. In the Dioceses of the United States of America, sacred vessels may also be made from other solid materials that, according to the common estimation in each region, are precious, for example, ebony or other hard woods, provided that such materials are suited to sacred use and do not easily break or deteriorate. This applies to all vessels which hold the hosts, such as the paten, the ciborium, the pyx, the monstrance, and other things of this kind.

  3. As regards chalices and other vessels that are intended to serve as receptacles for the Blood of the Lord, they are to have bowls of nonabsorbent material. The base, on the other hand, may be made of other solid and worthy materials.

  4. As to the form of the sacred vessels, the artist may fashion them in a manner that is more in keeping with the customs of each region,** provided each vessel is suited to the intended liturgical use and is clearly distinguishable from those intended for everyday use.**

Inaestimabile Donum:

16.Particular respect and care are due to the sacred vessels, both the chalice and paten for the celebration of the Eucharist, and the ciboria for the Communion of the faithful. The form of the vessels must be appropriate for the liturgical use for which they are meant. The material must be noble, durable and in every case adapted to sacred use. In this sphere judgment belongs to the Episcopal Conference of the individual regions.

Use is not to be made of simple baskets or other receptacles meant for ordinary use outside the sacred celebrations, nor are the sacred vessels to be of poor quality or lacking any artistic style.

Liturgicae Instaurationes:

  1. Sacred vessels, vestments, and furnishings are to be treated with proper respect and care. The greater latitude granted with regard to their material and design is intended to give the various peoples and artisans opportunity to devote the full power of their talents to sacred worship.

But the following points must be kept in mind.
a. Objects having a place in worship must always be “of high quality, durable, and well suited to sacred uses” . Anything that is trivial or commonplace must not be used.

Dominicae Cenae
Pope John Paul II:

“The priest as minister, as celebrant, as the one who presides over the eucharistic assembly of the faithful…. cannot consider himself a “proprietor” who can make free use of the liturgical text and of the sacred rite as if it were his own property, in such a way as to stamp it with his own arbitrary personal style.”

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