Is it ok 4 our PP to speak against Pope


recently i became aware our PP was against the Pope and considered him not to be in right relationship with My Father.

In his heart he thinks the pope should pull his finger out and make a dead person a saint.

Not such an issue as on different issues i too have reservations in my heart.

but now things are worse he has now gone to print on the issue openly declaring the dead person is a saint.

My delemer is, IMO the stewards of My Family should be united or at least respect those above them.
I know this important as we need to b what we say we are.

That is if i say the pope is leader and i follower i should live it.

I love my PP and am concerned for him at a personal level saying and doing different.

I love my family and although they would all agree with the PP at spiritual level who now is their leader?

For me personally, i dont hold that the pope is unfalable as history shows, i dont agree that any men should pick who the saints are thats My Fathers business, only He knows who sits where.

I guess the biggys for me are I am to help people grow their relationship with My Father, this can only be done in truth.

Where does this leave my Brother out PP and my parish family?

Nah 4 get those qs can a PP speak against the pope in this way?


If you would explain these terms, it will help this old lady in understanding…





What does PP stand for?


Parish Priest? Maybe?
Um, the short answer is that if your priest thinks the Pope is “not to be in right relationship with My Father” then this priest is probably schismatic. I am not sure if you are even Catholic, but if this is a Catholic Church you need to gently correct the priest. If he still preaches his schism, report the priest’s schismatic behavior to the bishop.

If that is not what PP means, ignore my reply.



As near as I can tell, your Parish priest believes that a certain deceased person (I’m guessing John Paul II) is a Saint in Heaven and is frustrated that Pope Benedict has not recognized that person as such. Further, it appears that your Parish priest has published this opinion in some public document.

Is that correct?

If I have correctly figured out your post then I can’t really see the problem. The Church teaches that the Pope is infallible only on certain issues, under specific circumstances. On other issues and in other circumstances he is just a man and his opinions are simply the opinions of a man.



Who cares what Planned Parenthood thinks about the Pope? What say do they have in any potential canonization?


PP is parish priest in our diocese i just assumed it was every where.
qs is just text slang sorry for being so lazy.

Bill our PP wants an Aussie teacher who passed away to be a saint.

When the spirit first made me aware of his position about this, PP just wanted the pope to “pull his finger out and do the right thing”.

Now he print a letter in our school news letter referring to her as a saint.

I dont call myself Catholic because i dont submit to the popes being authority between me and My Father.

I am not about to go send letters around because i am right and they are wrong. That would be un helpful to my family.

My last PP told me I am a Catholic, praise be to My Father for the light he sees me in.

I have known our new PP for many years and love him very much. Well i say i do but am not doing so well as i have not spoken to him on this issue.

Do PP’s vowe submittance to the pope? Dont all Catholics?

If Catholics do accept the pope as authority and a PP vowes it then acts in contradiction what good will come of it?

For me the contradictions in my life get in the way of the True Spirit My Father breathed into me.

I have my PP and all my family to consider in this situation.


Mercy Mia,
what you say is the answer the spirit has put in my heart but for some strange reason i want to run from this, please if u can pray 4 me to do right and have courage, Our Brother Yahooshua was no coward for Our Fathers will.

Maybe my cowardice is really selfishness, i dont see the absolute authority of the pope as My Fathers truth so want people to turn from the pope back to My Father.

I guess even so the action still needs to be love and action.
I appreciate your listening to me.

The shadows are twice their length now so it is time to pray.

God Bless you and yours as youes submit unto Him in the way of Yahooshua


I would suggest you pick up a copy of the book “Making Saints” by Woodward. It will give you a perspective on the Canonization process.

One thing that takes place early in the process is that there is a group of people who believe this person to be a person of heroic virtue. Perhaps the priest in question will be the champion for this cause.

Priests are permitted to have opinions, they owe obedience to the Church and the Holy Father in matters of Faith and Morals.


I believe you need to reconsider your understanding of the Papacy. Do you go to Mass and receive the Eucharist? If you aren’t in full communion then you might reconsider your position.

Priests are still just people, they make mistakes and still have some inane ideas from time to time. However you are correct in that he shouldn’t be declaring someone a Saint who is not.

I see a lot of new age lingo in your post, been there, read that. There is only 1 way to our Father and that is through Jesus Christ. Once part of the body of Christ we asks others to intervene for us, pray for us and we look for guidance here on Earth from the Pope however the Pope isn’t standing between you and the Father, no one is. Christ allowed you to have that connection, praise be to God! Our Pope guides the Church here on earth so that her people can become more like Christ.

Rejoice at the good news, someone has obviously given you the wrong information in the past.



Christ gave us Peter as the Rock upon which His church was to be founded, gave the Apostles authority to bind and loose, and told them that anyone who rejected them rejected Him. Moreover, He gave Peter specifically the commission to ‘feed my sheep’.

How on earth you could think that God-ordained authorities such as the Pope could possibly stand between you and the Father, when clearly Jesus gave us the Apostles and their successors (out bishops and Pope) to guide us towards Himself and the Father, is beyond me.


Personally, I do not believe the pulpit is the appropriate venue for your parish priest to voice his disagreements with the Holy Father. In my opinion, I believe that priests can have their own views on the actions of the Holy Father; however, any concerns should be addressed internally, and not aired in a public setting, and certainly not to the flock. So yes, in my layman’s opinion, I do believe this is inappropriate. I am uncertain as to how you would seek redress for this issue, however.


Well, your PP certainly has the right to an opinion that a particular person now enjoys Heaven and is in fact a Saint, he can I suppose even refer to that person as such until and unless he is told to stop doing so by his religious superior.

There are any number of people, even some on this board, lay and cleric who believe that Pope John Paul II is a Saint in Heaven.

As far as the Pope goes, he’s, generally speaking, just a man like the rest of us. So I really don’t see a problem.


Bless you all,
From my last post i had been guided to have a chat, well from long before my last post. I have just been avoiding what is to be done.

I appreciated all your posts but personally the ones that were to help me in my situation rather than yours.

Joe you say, been there read that what is the that you want i read?

I have some understanding of the canonisation process.

I guess when a priest refers to a person known as blessed to be a saint it gets hard for kids to learn truth or given one post they learn what i have been taught here.

The whole saint thing for me gets a bit messy, like some people not say St Christopher is not a saint some say yay others nay. To the nays what about all of the prayers people made through him? what of those who thought theirs answered, who answered their prayers and why?

As for the poster who suggested i re visit my whole view of papacy you aint wrong. As a kid i got some idea that scripture taught the pope was the authoritative head of the church ordained by the will of My Father.

No wonder the PP knows he is right and the pope is wrong and the pope thinks he is following the right path and the priest is wrong.

So i will be in communion with one, both, either, none, some part each or both…?

Silly me how did i ever find the Catholic church confusing.

Thank you all so much for the clarity you have given me maybe i will just stick with the spirit who says have a chat with him and leave the blind to lead each other into a hole, least you b mislead.


It sounds to me like your parish priest has a legitimate disagreement with the Holy Father. It’s not a disagreement on faith or morals or doctrine. I wish they’d hurry up and canonize John Paul II as well, But, I realize this is a process that needs to be carried out with care and attention, and I am thus biting the bullet and being patient.

However, the pulpit is not the place to voice his opinion, it is a place for teaching the faith and proclaiming the gospel. I think he needs a blog or some such in which to share his opinions.


it is amassing how people read into a thread things that were never offered.


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