Is it ok for a Catholic to get married in a non-Catholic Church?

My soon to be fiance is one of the most faith-filled persons I’ve ever met in my entire life and she has strengthened my faith. I am a devout Catholic but she is not. She is learning more about Catholicism and thinks that someday when she is called to do so she will become a Catholic. Her parents aren’t too thrilled about the whole idea so she thought maybe we should get married at her church back home which is not a Catholic church. Am I allowed to get married at her Church?


You need to begin by seeing your priest. It might be possible to have him be present for a wedding in her church. If that is possible, you still need to go through your parish’s marriage preparation program. When planning a wedding the first appointment for a Catholic to make is with the priest.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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