Is it ok for a Catholic to watch anime

I have recently grown an interest in anime but I choose ones that don’t have in inappropriate content. But I like the faces of the characters. But I don’t get the same things that happen when aroused like erection, heavy breathing. Is it a sin that I like looking at the faces of the women, not their bodies but they’re face. Is it a sin? I’m not getting aroused or anything sexual.

Look up: “Near occasion of sin” and ponder what you are placing yourself into.

Why would it be a sin?

We admire Mona Lisa’s face as an art and beauty, there’s nothing unsuitable with that, same with anime.

I’m not sure there’s objective advice for you on this. Give the anime a pass if there’s a concern about temptation for you. It’s only entertainment, after all.

You could try animated movies of a similar style and substantial plots and characters, such as those from Ghibli studio.

Are you suffering from scrupulosity, by any chance…?

For, um, if one goes to this forum and asks a question “Is it a sin?”, the probability of that someone being scrupulous is rather high…

And if you are scrupulous, asking such questions here is rather counterproductive, if only because too many people will falsely assume that you are not. And “Just avoid it, if you find that suspicious.” might be a good advice for someone with normal or lax conscience, but it is a very bad advice for someone suffering from scrupulosity.

As far as I know, at least some of priests in this forum recommend not answering such questions in such case.

Let’s define terms, in Japan, all animation is anime, full stop. If you are referring to Japanese animation, NO. Whilst certain types may be sinful, Japanese animation is no more sinful than its western equivalents.

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My (somewhat) objective advice:

Anime is a medium of art, just like live action film, music, or any else. In and of itself it it is neither good or bad, you have to critique the content of each show on a case by case basis. As an anime fan myself, I can understand why you would wonder about it; sexualization of female characters is quite ubiquitous. Most shows have at least a little ecchi thrown in. That said, sexual content is heavily present in most mainstream media. Whatever standards you apply to other forms of media (in terms of regulating what you think is appropriate to consume) you can apply to anime as well.

There are many artistically inclined animes that are not going to throw fan-service (meaningless sexual content meant to please the audience) at you, and will instead focus on serious storytelling. Ping Pong the Animation and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica are two shows with meaningful storytelling and essentially no sexual dynamic. On the more casual end of the spectrum, you could watch something like Non Non Biyori if you are just looking to watch something to relax. It is “moe” anime, meant to stir feelings of paternal affection in the viewer.

My more subjective opinion:

All art is an exploration of human nature and gives us insight into ourselves, and through this, God as well. Sexuality is an inherent dynamic of our identity, and as such, worth addressing in art. There is a big difference between content meant to titillate our sexuality (like ecchi anime), and content which explores/touches on sexuality in a more academic context. Shows like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Paranoia Agent, and Hyouge Mono each have some sexual content, but it serves the purpose of giving the viewer insight and understanding that has great relevance to our own lives. Far from leading you into sin, I think the understanding you gain from this kind of art helps you to understand, regulate and direct your sexuality in your own life.

Anime is no more inherently sinful than Western Animation or Live-Action Television or any other art medium. Some shows are perfectly acceptable, some are borderline pornography.

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If you’re choosing anime that “don’t have any inappropriate content” and you’re not somehow being tempted to sin while looking at the shows, then I’m not sure why you’d think it sinful to watch.

Most of us are able to look at a drawing of a cute girl or guy and think, “That character is pretty/ handsome” or even “I wish I could meet someone in real life who looked like that” without immediately rushing to go commit a sin of impurity.

If you’re scrupulous, please talk to a priest.

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