Is it ok for a parish to have the resurrected Christ over a cross?

I have recently moved and found the nearest local Parish to attend. To my dismay above the tabernacle I gazed upon CHRIST RESURRECTED ON THE CRUCIFIX. Is this placement appropriate?

In and of itself, an image of the resurrected Christ juxtaposed over a cross is not a problem. However every sanctuary must contain an actual crucifix somewhere visible. As the General Instruction of the Roman Missal states:

  1. Likewise, either on the altar or near it, there is to be a cross, with the figure of Christ crucified upon it, a cross clearly visible to the assembled people. It is desirable that such a cross should remain near the altar even outside of liturgical celebrations, so as to call to mind for the faithful the saving Passion of the Lord.

As long as this requirement is met than the placement of an image of the resurrected Christ is a matter of “taste.”

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