Is it ok for a priest to omit holy water when blessing palms?

At Palm Sunday vigil Mass at my parish, the priest said the prayer to bless the palms but did not walk up and down the aisles sprinkling the holy water with the aspergillum. Were the palms still blessed? Are the words of the blessing valid without the sprinkling of the holy water?

I could be wrong, but I believe that at the papal Mass in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope sprinkles the palms in front of him and symbolically turns and sprinkles the palms being held by the people in front of him. Thus, he intends to bless all the palms even though the holy water does not touch all of them. Remember, the blessing of palms is a sacramental, not a sacrament; therefore, (unlike in Baptism) water need not touch each and every individual branch.

Thanks, that makes sense. He did bless the palms in the back of the church with the holy water before he processed to the sanctuary. He just didn’t walk up and down the aisle while sprinkling the palms held by the congregation. I had just never been to a Mass where it was done that way before.

Were you holding the palms when he blessed them, or were they up on the altar?


Ours blessed the palms while they were on the table and used the holy water then. He didn’t sprinkle holy water on the people though

I picked them up off the table in the back when I entered the church. They were not blessed yet. Father started the Mass at the back of the church, blessed palms that were on the table, then processed to the sanctuary while we sang “All Glory, Laud and Honour”. He did not splash us and our palms as he processed.

Good Evening Everyone,

I have two quick questions. First, I attended Mass today in a new different Parish and to my surprise the Priest presiding over the Mass was wearing an earring.

Is this allowed?

Secondly, just before the distribution of Holy Communion, the Priest said that if for “whatever” reason we could not participate in this we should walk up and approach him or the deacon with our hands crossed upon our chest for a “blessing” … ?

Is this allowed? If so, why haven’t I ever seen or heard of it before?

Thank you in advance for your input!

Wait until you see this ‘punk’ priest. He is for real; some may like it, some don’t.
Let me know which one you think is the priest.

Sounds like a lack of communication where some one forgot to tell the parishioners comming into church, not to take the palms for they were not blessed yet. The priest probably didn’t notice people holding palms in the pews, but blessed the palms in the back of the Church, then they were brought forward to the sanctuary to be handed out. Many parishes do it this way. In my parish, they avoid this confusion by having the palms in the front of the Church in front of the altar. The priest blessed the Palms, then we went up like we do for communion, and he and the altar boy handed them out.


For the members of the congregation who did not take their own palms, the ushers handed them out. Nobody picked up palms after the priest blessed them on the table. In previous years, we picked them up off the table then the priest walked down the aisle and sprinkled us and the palms as he processed. This was the first time it has been done the way I described.

Like I said, it sounds like a lack of communication.

It may be that the ushers were out of touch with what they were suppose to do and handed out the palms when they were not suppose to. It wouldn’t be the first parish where ushers acted on their own, incorrectly. :wink: All the parishes that I’ve been in, the palms are blessed prior to anyone receiving them.

It use to be they were placed at the back of the church on a table, after Mass, so people picked them up on their way out.


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