Is it OK for Catholic priests to do "open air preaching" to evangelize?

This is something that I greatly admire in Evangelical Protestants, and one of them just asked me about this.

LOVE! :heart:

If you’re talking about standing on a street corner and preaching to passersby, there’s nothing that would prohibit a priest from doing this, but he should obtain his Bishop’s permission (which is customary whenever a priest’s ministry exceeds his usual job description - the priests who participate on the Ask An Apologist forum have their Bishop’s permission, for example).

Yes, and it is quite consistent with Church history. We had a Mission once with a priest that would preach like that. He had enormous parts of the Scriptures memorized.

And, when you think about it, that is exactly what the Pope often does. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure in the US any have time. They are usually pretty busy with sacramental and church duties. Presuming one had time, yes they could. Just not sure it is part of the RCC culture that any would.

These “Flash mobs” were popular a while back…Does this count as evangelization?


Saint Paul Street Evangelization - also on FB!

The Australian-born, Frank J. Sheed, author of “Theology and Sanity” (my very favorite book on a systematic common sense understanding of Catholic theology as it relates to our modern condition), was a 20th century lay preacher, but was not a priest.

Generally speaking, I don’t think you are supposed to undertake a public preaching ministry (whether you are a member of the clergy or a lay Catholic) without permission of the bishop, but I’m not sure on the particulars for how this works.

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