Is it ok for Christians to work for military companies



I have this question that I’m struggeling with. Basically, I was wondering if it’s ok for Christians to work for military companies that design weapons, tanks and military vehicles? The reason I’m asking is because Jesus is not a military person and he died on the cross instead of protecting himselft; so this is my delima, any help on this topic is appreciated.



“Blessed are the gunmakers”

Love your name, by the way.



What does blessed are the gunmakers mean?

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:stuck_out_tongue: Sorry 'bout that. Warhammer 40k reference. It was meant to contrast starkly with the beatitude, “Blessed are the peacemakers”. Of course, you could be like Colt, who named his revolver the Peacemaker, and think that with enough force and threat of force, peace can be made on earth. But it can’t. Because men have holes in their hearts (and some could argue, their heads). As St. Augustine said, 'We have not rest until we rest in you, O Lord".

Was the titlular question hypothetical, might I ask?



No it’s not hypothetical. Somebody explained to me that military is needed to protect the country.

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St. Nicholas of Japan, who was a missionary from Russia, was asked a similar question of his Japanese spiritual children during the Russo-Japanese war.

He replied, “It is never right to hate. If you’re going to war out of hatred of the enemy, this is a sin. If you intend to go to war out of love for your homeland to defend her, that is an entirely different thing.”

FWIW, he did not celebrate the Divine Liturgy at all during this war.


Defence, whether of one’s self or one’s country, and producing the weapons that are necessary for defence purposes, are not sins.


Surely 'tis better to make plows instead of spears? And fruit shears instead of swords?

And is not hate inseparable from love? How can one claim to love goodness and not hate evil? How could one love Japan and not hate Russia? How could one love ones enemy?

Only through Christ, I suppose, after all, are not all things possible with God?

Guns, bullets, bombs, to blow our brother’s to smithereens, and nowadays, they hardly ever know what hits them. I wonder if soldiers every feel like the fists of Justice, or the hammer of God? Who could not look upon a nuclear blast and think “Divine retribution” before “atomic fission”?

No one was ever truly converted with a gun to his head, and thereby, aside from being totally awesome, I see them as utterly useless contraptions. What other business have we Christian’s to be about other than conversion and spreading the Word of God?

I wonder if the modern day mercenaries are seen as a sort of godless lot, killing for money, rather than love of state, as they do?

ahem I think our wars should be fought with philosophy instead of force, as killing your foe does little to change his point of view.


There are numerous soldier-saints. Sts Maurice, Acacius of Byzantium, Adrian of Nicomedia, George, Ignatius of Loyola, Theodore Stratelates and Martin of Tours were all soldiers, St Ignatius only leaving the military because he was too injured to continue. St Joan of Arc, of course, was a most formidable warrior in defence of her country, and St Louis IX of France a noted warrior-king. So soldiering is certainly as honourable a profession as any other.


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