Is it ok for me to ask the Eucharistic Minister if he or she could give my mother communion in our pew?

**My mother is 89 years old and has trouble walking to the communion rail to receive the sacrament. At our parish we used to have a man who we would ask to tell the Eucharistic Minister that she needed for someone to go down to the pew to give her communion.This man did this out of the goodness of his heart.He has an illness and has not been able to attend Mass for the last several months. I then took it on myself to ask the Minister right before I receive the Eucharist if he or she would be willing to give my mom communion.If I am familiar with the Minister I simply point down to my mom and he or she will nod .Then I take Communion.This sometimes is very awkward for me because I feel that the sanctity of taking the sacrament is interrupted.**Please let me know if I am doing right or wrong.Thanks ****

The best manner to handle such a situation is probably to approach the priest before Mass. You can let him know where your mother is sitting that she is unable to come forward for communion. He can then either take communion to her or delegate one the EMHC to do so at communion time.

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