Is it ok for me to ask u to pray for my family and me?


Well…we are moving to Florida in literally 6 weeks.:o I have a mixture of feelings…excitement, fear, apprehension, etc…all in all, we feel that this opportunity to move to Florida (actually move back, we lived there for a while before we were married) is a gift from God. Truly, His will for our lives. The way things have fallen into place, etc…however…I will say that I have a tendency to worry at times–worry that ‘something’ will go wrong…suppose the kids hate their new schools? Suppose my new role (I’m being relocated with my company) isn’t anything they have promised? Suppose my husband cannot find a good job? (although, Florida has more oppty, I’m told) Suppose we all get skin cancer because we forget to put sunscreen on? Ok, I haven’t gone that far yet…but there’s time.:smiley:

Anyways, will you please pray that my nerves calm down, and I surrender that part of myself that has these doubts. My husband said…‘everything will be fine. You are having devil doubts. Doubts that the devil wants you to have to trick you to thinking this isn’t God’s will, when it clearly is.’ So true.

Please pray that things go well with this move…thank you, and God bless.


With my prayers - Joe


thank you, Joe.:slight_smile:


praying for you… dont worry … everything will be go according to HIS will and remember

Jeremiah 29:11
11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


hmmm…that really helped, mariam…thank you. :slight_smile:


Good luck tere, hope it works out. :wink: You get the prayers, of course. :wink:


Wow, can I totally relate!!

We just moved within miles of our hometown 4 months ago. It was very overwhelming to say the least. I also experienced all of the feelings you describe. I’m still not over the anxiety yet because we are building a new house, and I can’t wait to be finished with that and move out of this itty bitty apartment.:slight_smile:

I truly believe God had a hand in this (as always). My husband got an awesome opportunity for a career advancement. He was not looking for a job, and had planned on staying where he was at 'til retirement - but as we all know, it’s not what WE want :wink: . It just so happened that a headhunter called my house one day and had what we considered a "dream job offer " for him. After a month of interviews and 2 more months to ponder our decision we decided to go for it! It was sooooo scary, but was it worth it? ABSOLOUTELY!:smiley: My husband LOVES his new job (he’s a civil engineer specializing in bridge and structural design). The company also loves him, and came through with every single promise they made.

Try not to worry. Just know that everything happens for a reason, and it will all work out. I’ll say a prayer for you!:thumbsup:


Of course it’s OK! I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight.


praying :gopray2:


I sooo appreciate this, everyone…God bless.


I’ll hope to god for you.


Of course its OK to ask your board friends to pray for you and be assured. Dont worry remember God loves you so much he cant measure it.
Grace Angel.


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