Is it ok for me to see a play of 'The Passion'?

Tomorrow there is a play of the Passion of Jesus at a Calvary Church. Is it ok for me to go to it?

Why not? The Passion is universal to Christians. Just look at all the support Mel Gibson, a Catholic, garnered from the Evangelical crowd.

Ok, thanks Maria. Since this was taking place at a Protestant church, I was just making sure it was ok.

This thought just occurred to me, is this a play in and of itself, or is it a prelude to an altar call?

If you are strong in your faith in Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church, go no matter what. If you are shaky on things, or have been having any crisis of faith, you may wish to find out the specifics of whether or not it is just a play and opt out if it is more.

I would go and use it as an opportunity for witnessing for Christ and the fullness of truth of the Catholic Church.

God Bless,

You shouldn’t worship the actor who portrays Jesus, however. :smiley:

Enjoy the performance. :thumbsup:

Nothing would be wrong in going but beware of the possible altar call after the play if they have one. Don’t go up they think catholics are not christian to begin with and want you to get saved their way or else it doesn’t count. Don’t fall for the dog and pony show. Also if their is a sermon after they might say something contrary to the catholic faith try to disregard where they might err and rejoice on the areas where we agree. We do agree Christ died for our sins and rose again and beat death and we by following christ will beat death also.

I hope you went and enjoyed it. I’ve seen two here at different Baptist churches, one twice. All three were almost professional in their execution and were thoroughly enjoyable. There were, of course, the altar calls and the request to fill out a visitor’s card, both of which should be ignored.

I went to it last night, and enjoyed it. Very moving! It was at a church called “Calvary.” There was no altar call, but there were cards that had their adress on it for certain information about being “saved”, and topics similiar to that. I am strong in my Catholic faith so there’s no conversion to Protestantism to be worried about. Overall, it was a nice play and lasted about 2 or more hours.

The Crystal Cathedral here in Anaheim puts on spectacular shows for Christmas and Easter. One of our neighbor’s sons, who is pursuing an acting/directing career, appears in them sometimes.

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