Is it ok to allow myself to love?


Questions. Comments. Updates. Details. Yep all of the above. Whatever you want. Got my coaching whistle out of the closet. Now I just need to find my hat. :wink:

Seriously though. If he’s trying to see your drama performance? He probably sort of likes you.

Unless he’s just really, really into drama? :shrug::wink:


we go to plays together all the time. We go to different schools and he was going to try making it to our performance at 3:30 but I knew he wasnt going to be able to make it before he did.

I already know he does. I’m not sure how much but I catch him watching me a lot. when he’s talking/ telling a story etc. with someone else, I’ve notice then when I start listening in he’ll turn his attention to me.

other things too. thats just one thing i’ll note for the time being


Ha, thanks! (That sport is either broomball or kickball, can’t decide which…) And thank you for clarifying; I live with four brothers, yet I still haven’t caught on to their way of thinking. Though that is debatebly (yes, that is a word. Now.) a good thing sometimes. XD


I remember a priest who, after hearing someone’s sins in confession, sighed and announced, “Women just don’t understand men, and men just don’t understand women!”


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