Is it ok to ask God to talk to/about our dead?

I had a loss that really affected me way more than I ever imagined it would, I’m still in shock that it even happened, to tell the truth. We were estranged for a long time and when she died I was very unsure about the state of her soul. Conflicting evidence on both sides, and anyway it’s not up to me where her soul is now, but I want to know.
Is it ok to ask for a sign, or for a visitation, dream or whatever? In no way would I even consider a séance or anything like that. I would like to know, I need peace, I can’t keep crying over her.

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You can pray to her for her intercession; if you find it is granted, then that may be an indication of something.


Pray for her, that’s what we can do for the deceased. In my opinion asking for signs is not a productive pursuit or a good spiritual practice.


You can try this, but at the same time say ‘Lord, grant us what you will , as much as you will, when you will.’


Maybe ask for a sense of peace over the loss. This is what I do, and it seems to always be granted.


It is better to pray for her soul and seek indulgences for her this month. Seeking visitations can lead a person open to the demonic.
In November we can seek indulgences for the dead in special ways. We can seek them at any time though.


What every body else has stated and every time you go to mass and the invocation for the departed souls is said then offer your prayer for her and praying a rosary specifically for her certainly will help.
Be aware that sometimes signs are given but can take years, therefore we need to persevere, never giving up. No despair, ok?


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I thank everyone, I know that this is mostly just the passage of emotions and me learning how to live with it, even if I don’t understand them.

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