is it ok to do this?

Ill be in afgan for awhile soon and down there sites like netflix wont be avilable since there blocked. Im paying the monthly fee for it now for unlimited streaming. I want to do the right thing and im wondering if it would be right to watch only the shows that netflix provides (legally) on a site I do have access to down there but not hosted legally. Im still paying for netflix so this gives me an alterntive to watch streamed content that I otherwise would have been able to view anways if I wasnt there.

You could offer it as a sacrifice to God -obstaining from Netflix for a bit.

heh easier said than done. Its not just netflix though, I have other paid subscriptions sites, mainly for the use of watching anime, that are blocked.

I am not sure how you think that because you pay for one thing (legally) that you cannot use right now, it makes it okay to use something else that is not legal…:shrug:

Technically, it would be because he has purchased the rights to view content. The content has legally been paid for by this person, therefore they should have the capacity to watch it. (Note, this only applies to the shows that are actually on Netflix, and on his continued payment of his subscription fees)

I agree that abstaining would be a good move :stuck_out_tongue: That said, I know how hard that is to do, especially with serial anime series (Speaking of, you should look up Sword Art Online, my wife and I are watching it, it’s amazing… only going to be 12 episodes long though T_T)

Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. You’ve paid for the right to watch a show, the person who made the show is receiving their money. The method by which you watch it shouldn’t really matter. It would be like using a crack for your game to be able to keep playing it after the service provider has stopped supporting it, or like downloading a backup copy of a game you’ve legally purchased from a digital distributor (like steam), You own it, so you should be able to play it.

Thats actually one of the ones im watching now and its awesome. Im also reading the Light Novels. They have 9 Volumes out now.
and its going to be 25 episodes long.

places like hulu, where its 100% free and legal but contains alot of commercials (in place of a fee) is another site I enjoy but is US only. I cant get a subscription there so its not so simple as just going to another site to view the content. :frowning:

Wait, wait… 25 episodes? Anime News Network only lists 12… ****… That’s awesome, but it means I have a long time to wait to see the conclusion. (My wife and I are watching it together, so I promised not to read any of the manga or novels XD)

Also, Hulu does offer a subscription service. It’s really good if you’re more interested in tv series instead of movies. is where I got that info at.

Huu has a subscription? Are you talking about HuluPlus? cause I think thats just to be able to view there content on other devices like a phone or game console not for the actual content itself. Unless it gets ride of all the commercials as well.

I believe it gets rid of commercials, and I’m positive it grants access to a lot of stuff you can’t get for free. (for instance, I found out they have all of the Night Gallery up there, but you have to be a Hulu+ member to watch it.)

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