Is it ok to donate money you find on the street?

I was walking home on campus near residances and found £5 (maybe $8-10). there was no one around for me to see who dropped it, so i picked it up. As i don’t need the money i was planning to donate it to the church or a homeless person i may see in town.

Question: with such a small amount of money and no knowlegde of who’s it is, such i go ahead and donate it or try to find the owner?

i think the latter would be difficult to do and anyone could correctly guess.

i think you will be good to donate it.

There is no way you could track down the owner. Anyone you ask about it is likely to say, “Sure, yeah, that’s mine.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, if you found a bag full of thousands of dollars, you would take it to the police. But for a sum this small, either keep it or donate it.

Sure, it’s only a small amount of money and the possibilities of ownership where it was found are endless, so it is very charitable to donate it. (I’m not even sure it would be wrong to keep it.)

Oh, was it next to a green Honda Civic near the campus residences? I dropped a fiver there a couple of weeks ago… :wink:

As good as your motivations might be, don’t give money to the homeless person. If anything, go into the grocery store and buy a sandwich and a drink, because sometimes, they spend any cash they are given on alcohol, which doesn’t help them.

I agree. I used to work at a soup kitchen. I would (on my own) buy food for some of the people, but never give money.

You could also write a check for the amount and donate it to an organization which helps the homeless.

Last time my son found money we went into a church, lit a candle, said a prayer and put it into the box

There was an investigation/study of people asking for money on the street in San Fransisco. Of all the people who claimed to be homeless 90% owned a home or were in a rental apartment. Most were making far more “pan handling” than they could at even the very high rate of minimum wage in San Fransisco. Plus, it didn’t reduce any of their government (local, state, and federal) support, and they don’t pay taxes. I understand that there are real homeless people, but rarely are they in a position to help themselves the way these 90% are.

Donate to an organization that knows what they are doing!

Money on the ground is in the community savings fund. You’ve probably contributed well over the amount you’ve found. :slight_smile:

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