Is it Ok to go to communion if you get to Mass very late?

This morning I decided to go early to Eucharistic Adoration as it starts at 9 AM. I have never gone this early and to my suprise the 8:30 mass was still being celebrated; I walked in right at “The Lamb of God”. So, as I was kneeing, I was thinking, "I came here for Adoration, but have I come too late into the Mass to receive our Lord?"
Just to let you know I thought I better err on the side of caution and refrained from the Blessed Sacrament, even though I badly wanted to.
Now I finally have a question for you wonderful apologists!

Thank you in advance,


Provided it would have been your first reception of the day (and it sounds like it would have been) I see no reason why you couldn’t have received the Eucharist.

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