Is it OK to go to Uebert Angel

My brother wants to go, but I do not know. Can he or should he not?
Has the Vatican a possition about such things? Is it a sin? I need a fast answer.

Why would you want to? He is influenced by the “prosperity gospel” of Kenneth Hagin and is a heretic even according to many evangelicals.

No my brother want because his 3 year old daughter does not speak well.
Does he sin if he let him “heal” his daughter?

Those “healings” are suspect at best. Scripture tells us to seek the leadership of the church to pray for the sick and anoint them with oil. Why not appraoch your priest/pastor to pray for your daughter and anoint with oil in the Sacrament of Healing?

Thank you!

Today my brother told me that he will start to go this evening and the time was too short for me to find out that he is a heretic, all I found out was that he is called a pastor. Also thanks for the advice to ask a priest, that’s the right way.

and God bless you :slight_smile:

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