Is it OK to hate Satan?

I know we are not to hate people and God but what about Satan and his minions?

Yes, we should hate Satan and his ways.

Hatred and anger is the poison we feed ourselves to kill someone else.

We should work against him and all that he does.

I agree with both of those replies but they can’t both be right. :confused:

Hate is such a strong word :frowning: I get that we love God and should hate Satan because the latter is the antithesis of the former; however, you can’t hate wrongdoing. You can acknowledge that it’s wrong, never do it and continue on your way to God. If anything, I pity Satan and people who fall into wrongdoing :frowning: Just my opinion…

Even God doesn’t hate Satan.

Hate is a capital or deadly sin.

:thumbsup: I wholeheartedly concur!

No, because even God doesn’t hate Satan. We may rebuke Satan when we are tempted but hate is not only a deadly sin-it is wrong to evoke this feeling even for Satan and his demons.

Be cautious, because Satan would trick us into using hate against him.

I use the term hate in the sense of lacking love and we are in no way called to love Satan.

That’s not what Ms. Arnold is saying at all. She chose to define love very restrictively as “wanting Heaven for someone”, so essentially she didn’t answer the question. Hate is a poison we give ourselves primarily, and what does actively hating Satan and the demons actually accomplish? If you want to make him laugh, tell him how much you hate him. It’ll break his heart! Same with God by the way. He’s impassible so if someone hates him, it only hurts the one hating, temporarily and then eternally if he dies hating God.

Here is an apologists answer.

God loves Satan.

Yes, God loves all his creation. It is His love that holds Satan in existence. Doesn’t mean we should love Satan though.

We are in no way called to love Satan.

This thread is so silly.

Satan is trying to drag your soul to Hell. Why on earth (or heaven) would you give him an ounce of love? He is beyond redemption and is trying to share his eternal misery with you.

I totally concur with you Windmill! Hating EVIL but loving Satan is oxymoronic. I know, we should all pray for his conversion so that there won’t be any reason for hell! :wink:

Some of the opinions expressed on this forum really frighten me! :eek:

Much Peace!

Mike :slight_smile:

of course we should! I think the apologist was wrong on this one. As other posters have pointed out, God loves Satan, and we should follow in his footsteps. Windmill, we are called to love everyone, including and especially our enemies. The fact that Satan is trying to drag us into hell is all the more reason to love him. Mikeydell, we are also called to hate the sin, not the sinner. That includes the devil. Love in its truest form is unconditional.

There is no need to hate Satan, but every need to fear and flee him.

I asked this question because I will find myself telling Satan I hate him when I see him doing something in my life or in others lives. I think the apologists answer helps the most by reaffirming my thought that it is ok because he is spirit and has already chosen to be against God for all of eternity. Now could he use this feeling of hate against me? Sure, if I made the hate a center of my being.

I can appreciate and I totally agree with the highlighted sentence, BUT just how does one go about loving Satan? Does it say that anywhere in the Bible? When Jesus was in the desert Satan came to Him 3 times and Jesus rebuked him thrice…he didn’t say let’s talk, would you like some berries or a cup of wine? I am sorry, but that goes against my Catholic beliefs. I cannot love Satan because he is sin personified.

This is starting to sound a little too progressive for my taste! I am sure that had I expressed an opinion like that in my grade school I would’ve had my ears boxed by the nuns and I would’ve been expelled from the Preparatory Seminary that l attended as well.

Much Peace!

Mike :slight_smile:

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