Is it ok to have hobbies?


Is it ok? Does God want us to have hobbys? Or not because they are focused on yourself? Because I dont see how cycling can be helpful for others besides free repairs. But you mainly ride your bike and its alone


It is fine to have hobbies but God should come first. So for example you can go bike riding but don’t skip Sunday Mass to go bike riding.


Cycling is helpful for others by reducing carbon emissions that would’ve been expelled from automobiles


Mushroom :mushroom: hunting is a nice hobby!
:warning:️ Don’t eat them though :warning:


Babinicz, I mean this with all charity and respect:

Get off your device and see a doctor. You are scrupulous and you CANNOT get better until you do something about it. Posting here is making you worse. Every day you don’t see a doctor and speak to your Priest you get worse.



But some of them are edible so we eat mushroom soup, dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms.


I like reading about bikes and watching videos about bikes, cycling. But its maybe not something that I should do?
What about going on concert? Isnt it wasting time? Because you dont help anyone


If you don’t enjoy life and have hobbies, you’ll have a mental breakdown. Go ride your bike :bike:


But is it actually good for us? Maybe cycling was meant as a mean of transport and as an recreation. So when you rested and had good time, then you move onto the next week after Sunday. But riding a bike during a week? Maybe family needs you?


I know that there are situations where you must help your wife, children but Im talking about when everything is alright. And you can go on bike but isnt it selfish?


Nope, everyone needs “ME Time”. You’ll understand when you have a Full Time job.


Really? But is it ok to have hobbys and interests? Or I just waste my time by doing it.

Its about me. Others are fine. They do it because they like it and maybe its connected with their jobs. They can do it, but I dont think I should


Sounds like something that you’ll have to figure out.


You are not reading the replies given to you.


There are a few people on here who do that :neutral_face:



Babinicz: You have repeatedly been told on this forum, including by a priest, that you likely have scrupulosity based on your posts. You have been repeatedly told to please go get some help, in person, and stop posting these threads here asking if this or that is permissible or this or that is a sin.

Please take the advice you have been REPEATEDLY given and stop posting these threads here or posting in other people’s threads on the same “is it a sin” topics. Being on this forum is NOT helping your scrupulosity problem and in fact may be making it worse. Please just stop.


People need to stop replying to him. You’re just feeding into his scrupulosity.


OP, why haven’t you seen a doctor yet? You have a mental disorder and an Internet forum is not the place to treat it.

I don’t say this to be cruel but the moderators should really ban you for three months or so to force you to stop using this place as a substitute for mental health treatment


Oh? Are you somehow some superior super-human being with infinite focus and energy? If not, get a hobby. Bikes are fantastic, especially if you live near a lot of trails… Drats! I have to go to work instead.


There is no universal law saying that you cannot ride with other people.

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