Is it ok to leave daily mass early to get to school?


I want to go to daily mass at 715. I would need to be at school by 8:10 would it be ok to leave mass a few minutes early to get to school on time?


I think it’s ok. Just sit near the back so you can slip out discreetly.


Most daily masses don’t run as long as Sunday masses, so probably not an issue.


Agree, this is the best.


Yes it would be ok I believe in this case to leave a bit early. God bless you for making such a choice to attend mass before school.


For what it’s worth, as a layman, I certainly don’t see anything wrong with that. You’re going out of your way to attend a daily Mass which you cannot attend the whole of because of your other vocational commitments. I think that that’s wonderful and, outside of an awful attitude or intent, I couldn’t see how this would be sinful.


Yes, discreetly. The Church and many orders repeatedly insist that in no way should mass or prayer or the chapel be an excuse to fail our daily obligations. Anyone who says otherwise does not understand how it works.

I find it extremely inconsiderate when lunch time mass on holy days at my church drags on. God does not expect me to lose my job and have to rely on my aging parents in order to worship Him. Forcing you to mess up your daily obligations is not holy. If you must sneak out, you must.


At my parish, we have a 6:30 am daily Mass that many parishioners attend before work. For over 40 years now, our priests have offered Holy Communion before the start of Mass for those who must leave early, and then they proceed with the Mass as usual. I’m not sure if this is done anywhere else, but I suspect it might be. Many of us then leave right after the readings or homily, so as to meet whatever obligations we have, and as was suggested, we sit near the back we so don’t disturb the others. It is not ideal, leaving early, but since daily Mass attendance is optional anyway, I say attending part of the Mass is better than not going at all. And our pastor (as well as several previous pastors) apparently agrees.


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