Is it ok to let my children "play mass" at home?

I recently purchased a miniature Mass kit to teach my children about the items that are used in Mass in addition to teaching them respect and reverence (First Communion prep and altar serving). I was wondering if it is appropriate to allow my boys to also pretend to “play” Mass with the miniature vessels? My older siblings used to 40 years ago when they were young but I wonder if it is really appropriate to allow that.

I’m almost positive I’ve heard priests on EWTN talk about seeing their nieces and nephews doing it, having done it themselves when they were young, and seeing other children do it. They were laughing and saying it was cute. I remember because, having been raised protestant the idea of playing mass was just weird to me. :smiley:

I would think it would be fine and a good learning oppertunity. Maybe one of them will go on to become a priest. If we don’t think anything of kids playing house with “you be the mommy, I’ll be the daddy” (and marriage too is a sacrament) then I would think this would be ok.

If they start bombing the altar with the cup and bread, then I would say step in and correct them. :wink:

I had to ask this question when my son was 2 or 3, and would sometimes offer me a piece of his snack (cheerio, grape, cracker, whatever) and say “Body of phrist!” – I had to figure out whether to respond “Amen” or “No it’s not”. :rotfl: (FTR: I settled on “Thank you”)

He would also occassionally put on one of my t-shirts so he could “play father” – I guess a t-shirt swimming on him was the best he could do for a chasuble!

He is a highschool senior now – No definitive vocation yet


What a lovely way to show their interest in the faith!

We used to do it with English muffins and grape juice in our house…about 30 years ago or so!:thumbsup:

I watched a documentary about the life of Henri Nouwen, and his sister tells how he did this very same thing as a very young child. His mother even sewed “vestments” for him to play dress up in. Everyone in the family just knew he was destined to become a priest.


My MIL recently told me that she and her siblings and cousins used to play mass all of the time. They would pretend with those necco wafer candies. She has an uncle that is a priest and one of her cousins became a priest, but later felt a stronger calling towards marrige.

I say no harm, especially if it can help your kids understand the mass better. So many Catholics, new and cradle, are in the dark. I say let them build that foundation strong. :thumbsup:

Where does one purchase a miniature Mass kit?

I remember doing it at recess with those pastel Rocket candies :stuck_out_tongue: I’d forgotten until I read this post.

It is said that Pope John Paul II first discerned his call to the priesthood while playing Mass as a young lad.

It’s also an excellent way to train your children on how to behave at Mass, teach them how to say their prayers, and instill the various parts of the Mass so that they recognize what’s going on when they come to the real thing.

I say, “Go for it!!” :thumbsup:

definitely okay, play is how children learn.
now if we can just break it to my grand-daughter, who loves to play Mass, that she is NOT going to grow up to be a priest.

Where does one purchase a miniature Mass kit?

Here’s one that’s pretty hardcore.

You might have to scroll down a bit. Note: the miniature alter linens are sold seperately underneath the miniature mass kit, not to be confused with the mini monstrance, and you’ll have to scroll past the mini tabernacle.

The miniature mass kit also comes with instructions to build an altar out of wood.

Funny, my sisters and I used to play Mass all the time, in fact the local priest used to give us unconsecrated hosts to take home to play with. Even though we would take turns playing the ‘priest’ I only ever thought I might possibly become a nun (mind you I used to pretend to be one of the nuns who taught me at school as well) :slight_smile:

That’s fantastic. Thanks.


I hear tell the kids in our Kindergarten play Mass. But the big “play” currently is Crucifixion. Girls who are good fake criers get a turn to be Mother Mary.

Ah, yes, necco wafers. Are they still making them?

Sure are. Our local RiteAid carries them. Ask around wherever candies are sold in your town.


Neccos (New England Candy Company) are still made in an ancient factory outside Boston as far as I know.

They go out of production in winter because the same line makes the little hearts with sayings on them.

I buy 'em whenever I see them.

PS I think you can get mass kits at AUTOM.COM

We used to flatten a marshmallow. And my brother always got to be the priest which was fine with me because I got to play the piano for all the hymns.

Potato chips- esp. when Pringles came out. Neco if there was money for candy. These things called “flying saucers” that were made out of something similar to hosts, with an air pocket and little candy BBs inside.

I think I still have my own set of cruets and a thurifer with Jerusalem insense which I bought at a religious store 20 some years ago. I intend to get the altar-size 1962 Missal to sing from when I’m alone. :slight_smile:

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