Is it ok to listen to Linkin Park?

I recently “got into” the band Linkin Park. They do some screaming, but they have some good songs. Are they “Catholic Answers Approved” lol?

I sure love them! There is nothing wrong with listening to them:thumbsup:

They’re awesome right? Do you like their new single?

I may be new here, but I know from experience that some do not agree with musical artists such as the amazing Linkin Park, as many I know have deemed such music as “satanistic”. However, I don’t think that screaming necessarily demonstrates support for the devil, there are even christian rock bands that do such things (some of which I love :slight_smile: )

“Shadow of the Day”… = love.

I don’t see how it would be wrong, I listen to other things with “screaming” stuff, such as RED, and others more screaming or less. I sure hope it’s not wrong, I ain’t hurting anyone lol!

I love Linkin Park.

Considering some of the music we’re been fighting with our kids on, LP’s lyrics are extremely TAME compared to much of the stuff out there.

Shadow of the day is a great song! I like that song “Easier To Run” and “Faint” even though it ain’t faint at ALL lol.

They evoke worldly passions I’m assuming, so probably not :shrug:.

Coming from the guy who plays Grand Theft Auto… Which evokes OTHER worldly passions such as killing, dope smuggling, and stealing…no offense.

You sir have good taste in music! :slight_smile: You sound like you might enjoy Skillet, you should try them sometime–They are a christian rock band with a similar sound.

Nothing wrong with them, I’ve listened to them since I was 9.
I haven’t seen any “questionable material”, but who cares if they did, everyone does.

YES! Skillet is great, try the song “Monster” by them.
If your church is involved, go to Winter Jam, as Skillet sometimes does that. Winterjam is a Christian music tour that goes around the USA.
I saw them live in my City in North Carolina.

The songs of Linkin Park are awesome, especially “From the Inside”. :

Numb - On days when I get sick of being told what to do.
Faint - I’ve lost count of the many fight scenes I’ve played with this song.
Somewhere I Belong - Good for emo moments
From the Inside - For when I’m just in a really, really, bad mood. (It helps more when I imagine myself blowing something outta the sky.)
Breaking the Habit - Love the music video
What I’ve Done and New Divide - insert Cybertronian battle cry, Transformers sound, and image of robot self blasting something

Do explain how the exhilarating sensation of freedom rushing through my soul is somehow evil.

I listen to them too - i haven’t heard anything in there lyrics that contradict the Catholic faith!

I like them.

Blarg… whatever floats your boats.

I could never get into the music pushed by MTV, especially during the TRL years.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I can see how you can come to this conclusion but the MTV that gave me Linkin Park is not the monstrosity that bears that name today.

IMO they’ve been mostly bad since the early 90’s, taking “alternative” acts like Green Day, The Offspring, etc., and turning them into teen pop staples.

I like their new single. I am excited for the new album. Really mad I can’t go to their concert when they come to Denver this August!

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