Is it ok to listen to Protestant Pastors?

Ever since I decided to become a Christian I found myself led to Christ by listening to numerous men and women of Faith. I have read many books by non Catholics. Some of my favorites are Chuck Swindoll and Alistair Begg. Both have said some non Catholic things in there sermons although very very often. My wife who is catholic has read and watched a ton of Joyce Meyers things. She loves her. Let me make one thing clear non of this has ever once changed my opinion of the Church. I left my Non Denominational church over a year ago because I felt that this is where I am called to be, saying that I still love listening to some non catholics.

I think it would be time better spent listening to edifying material from Catholics.

Joyce Meyer for example is part of the “health and wealth” gospel and is FULL of errors. She may be entertaining, but she is feeding your wife spiritual poison.

Bed fed at the Catholic table, with the fulness of truth.

I used to enjoy listening to Alastair Begg as well as Greg Laurie, and Tony Evans. Unfortunately our local christian station stop carrying most of their non music programing.

Sure, they have part of the truth. It is just important to use your head and heart and not be pulled into error.

I agree…One thing I dont think as Catholics we should do is try and isolate ourselves from other Christian people and speakers. Just my two cents…Thanks

I used to have a job which involved tons of driving in the early AM hours. The local Catholic radio station was off the air overnight, so I did listen to Protestant sermons occasionally. A preacher that I did enjoy was David Jeremiah who is a Baptist preacher in San Diego. He never trashed Catholics or the C.C., and actually had some positive compliments toward Catholics at times. Some of the others though were extremely anti-Catholic and not worth listening to.

You must be careful not to confuse Protestant theology with Catholic theology. I don’t see that this would be a problem unless you start believing all they say without weighing it against what the Church teaches.

As a Protestant convert I often struggle with; “Is this what the Church teaches or just what Protestants teach?” I was Protestant for many, many years so I often slip into faulty theology.

At this point I have found it much more fruitful to immerse myself in Catholic teaching.

Might I suggest you pick up a book by Peter Kreeft, Patrick Coffin, Scott Hahn or Kimberly Hahn, Sharon Giganti, or any of the other wonderful speakers/writers that are mentioned at

Honestly I think you would be better served to immerse yourself in your newfound faith. Learn what the Catholic Church teaches and THEN move on to listening to others. After all, how can you recognize the truth if you don’t know it yet? :slight_smile:

I see no problem with listening to other pastors. And vice versa. My protestant grandmother loves to watch EWTN. But me (converting to catholicism) also watch protestant pastors. As long as you know the true Church

Well, I don’t get the chance to listen to that many Protestant preachers or pastors, but I would make the following general observations:

  1. As the previous poster pointed out, we cannot live in isolation. While we may differ with Protestants on various points, we cannot adopt an ostrich-like attitude to them.

  2. As the Evangelicals and Catholics Together document pointed out, we are all “brothers in Christ” in a way. While we cannot paper over differences, we should try to make the most of the common ground we share with them.

  3. There are some issues on which a Protestant preacher can be quite sound, and others on which we should exercise extreme caution. Interpretations of parables, defences of biblical inerracy, and moral theology are areas where we might not find much to argue with. On the other hand, some of the “dodgier” teachings embraced by some, not all, Protestants, should be taken with a huge spoon of salt. Examples would include blanket statements such as “the Bible is enough” (sola scriptura), eschatology, and the “Prosperity Gospel”. Similarly, reading a conservative Protestant bible translation (such as the ESV or RSV) is fairly unproblematic, while relying on the notes of a Protestant study bible may not be that safe*

  4. There is a wealth of excellent Catholic material available as well - audio, video and print - that is equally deserving of our attention. While I wouldn’t discourage anyone from listening to opposing points of view, I would respectfully submit that it’s good to be grounded in the Catholic faith before trying to do so.

  • To be fair, I could say much the same about the NAB notes, but that’s a topic for another thread. :wink:

I would avoid listening to them in general, as Protestants have a different understanding of Christianity that permeates everything they teach. There is truth in what they say but can you spot the errors and underlying false assumptions? It’s one thing to dialogue with Protestants, and another to allow yourself to be taught by their pastors.

Has nothing to do with isolating oneself from other Christian speakers,but moreover, its what comes out of their mouth one should be concerned.

Joyce Meyers is entertaining, but when my ex used to listen to her I noticed she was walking a very fine line between orthodox and heterodox teachings in many areas (including her Christology, she said something that sounded very Arian to me), so I would be careful when listening to many within the Pentecostal/Evangelical circle.

However I listen to many Theologians from all areas, High Church Anglicans, Lutherans, Orthodox, some Methodists and of course Catholics. They tend to be more thorough in their Theology (it is nice to hear quotes from the Church Fathers along side scripture, rather then just one or the other) and more educational and less ‘performance’ based teaching.

I agree 100%. As I told one individual here, it has nothing to do with isolating oneself from other Christian speakers,but moreover, its what comes out of their mouth one should be concerned

What about movies? I love Courageous and Facing the Giants and actually Facing the Giants was played for the kids last summer at our Catholic summer camp, I mean Passion of the Christ is still the most played movie across the spectrum when it comes to movies about our Lord today. . I really think that the most important center of Christianity is Christ. I would say in society today, more Christ and less Garbage regardless of what denomination. Just saying. I would rather my kids watch and listen to things surrounded with a message of Christ then everything else that is pumped into there heads. There is only one EWTN and some of its materials are a bit stale at times. Thank God for this site and some of the Catholic Channels on YOUTUBE.:shrug:

As long as they do not conflict with Catholic teachings.

That’s fine but you still have be careful. As been mentioned, I would check about Joyce Meyer. She is part of the health and wealth movement. Joel Osteen is another. I’ve heard enough of Chuck Smith to think he’s pretty much anti Catholic. Don’t agree with you though…I’ll stick with just listening to Catholic speakers and teaching thank you very much.

I have personally watched Facing the Giants, and it is a good film. However you have to take its Theology with a pinch of salt (it’s very Evangelical/Fundamentalist), but as film with a Christian message? I can’t see anything wrong with it.

Any Protestant-funded film, for it’s theology (as they tend to be evangelical) it would be best to watch it first before exposing Children to it so you can check for anything outright heretical (in it’s Christology etc). However you could still watch it with Children just make sure you explain after why part of what they say about Our Lord or the Holy Mother Church is wrong this falls down to you and whether you think you could adequately explain why they are wrong :slight_smile:

As a long time Protestant and catholic revert I think it is confusing to listen to Protestant teachers while being a catholic. A doctrine may “sound good” from his mouth because of oratory style but it may lead to anti catholic thinking. I have to be careful with this. One preacher who I really liked was Raoul Reese. Unfortunatly he has infered that he catholic church is the whore of Babylon.

How can I continue to listen to that? Charles Stanley always seemed educational but his doctrines are not aligned with catholicism. Protestant radio on AM stations is more accesible in my area so I got a pair of small headphones to reach my bed. I plug it into my PC that picks up the many catholic stations on the internet.

What a beautiful shock to the body when after listening to Protestant radio for 15 years I heard for the first time The Lords Prayer and Hail Marys piping through those little headphones. Listen to catholic radio if possible!

Stay far, far away from Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Benny Hinn. (Lord, have mercy upon them, and Christ strengthen them. Amen.). Like others have mentioned, they teach a prosperity gospel.

I’m sure there are other examples, but overall I think it’s ok to listen to protestant ministers.

God Bless

I second that they preach only prosperity and heresy and I’m Protestant

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