Is it ok to miss Mass to avoid a huge inconvenience to others?


I’m going to be leaving for a five day family vacation over a weekend. Sunday is one of the days we will be gone. I am the only Catholic (and the only churchgoer) in my family. Is it acceptable to miss mass because attending mass would be an enourmous inconveniece to my family? They will be my only transportation on this trip, and we don’t know anyone in the area. Also, we are visiting my sister at her airforce base, and her free time will be limited. Please advise me on the correct course of action.



What about the inconvenience of hanging on a cross for three hours? This is what we give thanks for at Mass. What a great witness you can be to all the non-church goers in your family! If it is an enormous inconvenience, then you are showing them how enormously important a celebration the Mass really is! Stand for something! Stand up for Him!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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