Is it OK to participate in strenuous exercise on Fridays during Lent?

I am an athlete and I am involved in strenuos, pro-longed physical ativity daily…however it is something I do on my own and I can miss a day if need be. I have two questions:

First, is ok to do strenuous and pro-longed exercise on Ash Wednesday, Fridays during Lent, and especially Good Friday?

Second, if it is ok, would it be smart for me not to participate in this physical activity, since I will be observing a strict fast and abstinence on these days and my nutritional requirement will be very high due to the exercise?

Dear D,

It looks like you have answered your own questions. Yes it would be smart to not exercise strenuously when you are fasting. So that rules out Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. As for the Fridays of Lent, you are required to abstain from meat, but you are not required to fast on those days. It might be a good penance for you to not exercise on Fridays since you seem to enjoy it so. But that is your call.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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