Is it ok to practice Qi gong for health and strength?

Hi. I am currently practicing martial arts and have been for over 10 years. Some of the practices include meditation to “collect Chi” also known as “Qi gong” so that we can use it for strength, power, conditioning and relaxation. We do NOT use eastern prayers, summoning of spirits, crystals, flames, words of anykind etc. We do some movements and then stop to collect some of natures energy. My instructor is a Catholic and tells us to use it as a form of prayer to God the trinity, Our Lady and the saints to help us in our spiritual life’s and to obtain good Chi and not evil Chi. He also instructs us to not get involved in the eastern religions and philosophies but to stick to Catholicism. So what does the church teach about Chi in the eastern medicines and martial arts, if practiced in this way?

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