Is it ok to pray for my dog?


What are people’s thoughts on if/should we pray for our pets? My dog is having surgery and I have been praying for him.


Of course you can - it’s more than fine. They’re God’s creatures too, He loves them.

My beloved St Francis of Assisi is patron saint of animals. He once prevented a wolf from terrorising a small town just by talking to it, and afterwards became good friends with the wolf, who he called ‘brother’. :cool:


We have a stain glass window of St Francis in our parish and the wolf is behind him. :smiley:


Sure, it’s OK!


I pray for St. Francis of Assisi and St. Anne to intercede on behalf of my animals all the time :slight_smile:


Sure you can :).


I hope everything goes well for your dog. I see nothing wrong with praying for your dog. I have two and I love them very much.:gopray2:


yes, it’s perfectly alright to pray for your dog :slight_smile:

God bless!


Some dogs need more prayer than others.
I know of some dogs for whom entire novenas would be beneficial.
Not to mention exorcisms…


Oh my, do you know my dog!? :eek:


St. Francis, St. Blase, St. Martin de Pores, and St. Seraphim hear from me every night! :rolleyes:


The prayers must have worked. :slight_smile: My dog came out of knee surgery ok and is recovering. He has one kidney so I always worry when he needs to be sedated for a procedure.


I’m glad your dog is doing fine and recovering after his surgery. I have two dogs myself.

Here is a list of Patron Saint for dogs:

God bless,


I"m glad your dog is ok. Our pets are family members, so of course it is ok to pray for them.
May God Bless


Thank Goodness you dog is okay! I have St. Francis of Assisi tags for my boys. I got them at Petsmart. Whenever I think they’re in trouble, I pray for them like mad.


Of course we can pray for animals!!!
And for the fellow cat people among us, the patron saint for cats is St Gertrude of Nivelles (who gets a lot of my “business” for my ;)Feline Forces).


LOL - And St. Francis tamed a wolf didn’t he? Yay, dogs are amazing animals! God made them for us! :smiley:


Absoulutely. Many ferverent novenas are said for family pets.


Why not?

There are official prayers and blessings in the Orthodox and Byzantine Catholic service books for animals, flocks, herds, and even bees.

There are even others used in times of sickness among animals.


I don’t know correctly that we can pray the god i know the few things that i had given below.
He’s under veterinarian’s care, but isn’t doing well. No need to go into details, just please pray for Butch Cassidy, a 3 year old Golden Retriever, to heal.
Keep posting to us daily .

Thank you .


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