Is it ok to pray the Rosary using an audio Rosary?


Can I pray the Rosary without Rosary but with an audio Rosary?


Yes :slight_smile:


It’s a private devotion. Pray the rosary in the way that best suits you. Pray with reverence.


Of course…


I do from time to time here:

it’s the 30:27 link towards the bottom of the page-it’s awesome!


Thank you for the link!


I used to pray along side audio rosary when I first started praying the rosary. It helped me in the beginning.


My brain and my mind seem to be heavily loaded when praying the Rosary. I have some trouble in concentrating.

I prefer to join praying the Rosary actively “onlne” together with Mother Angelica on live TV.


As long as you are actively engaged in praying the Rosary, verbally/mentally or just mentally, then you are praying the Rosary.


When I prayed the rosary , @theCardinalbird , I found that a very helpful way .


Some people like to say their prayers while going for their afternoon walk / jog. (The kind of people who find prayers make them sleepy).

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