Is it ok to read 1950's Catholic Bible?

My father saw me reading a bible (I was on 2 Kings that time) and he gave me the following morning a bigger bible that was given to her by her mother. It was a big bible with illustrations, how to pray the rosary and many more.

I was about to read it when I saw differences with the smaller bible I was reading yesterday like in 2Kings 8:7, Elisha -> Eliseus, King Benhadad to King Benadad, Gehazi to Giezi, and different divisions of chapters and verses. Also, Revelation to Apocalypse, Joshua to Josue and 1-2 Samuel to 1-2 Kings and 1-2 Kings to 3-4 Kings (therefore having 4 books of Kings).

Question as stated in the title…

Its perfectly fine to read an older Bible. The differences that you’re seeing is simply differences in translations over the years. The original Scriptures were written in Hebrew and Greek. Modern translations usually translate directly from the Hebrew and Greek. Older Catholic translations often are English translations of the Latin translation of the original Hebrew and Greek.

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