Is it OK to receive Communion at a vigil mass and then on the Sunday mass as well?

I have been doing this because I bring an elderly lady to church on Sat. and then my son on Sun.

Yes, it is perfectly fine to receive Communion at the Vigil Mass and again on Sunday. You can actually receive twice in one day as long as one of these times includes participation in the Mass.

God Bless you for your charity :angel1:

I know the rules, but did not know how it applies to the vigil. If I receive communion on the vigil, I usually will only receive it once on Sunday. Sometimes I have to attend three Masses a weekend and just decline to receive one time on Sunday.

The rule is for a calendar day, midnight to midnight.

You can receive twice on Saturday, as long as the second time is at Mass, and twice on Sunday, again as long as the second time is at Mass.

Not quite. You can receive twice in one day as long as the second time includes participation at Mass.

May God be with you!

YES! I cantor and play guitar and sometimes have more than one Mass on a weekend!

God bless you!

Correct. For specific reference see canon #917 which states:

“A person who has already received the Most Holy Eucharist can receive it a second time on the same day only within the eucharistic celebration in which the person participates…”

Thnak you for the clarification, although I was guessing as much. I never pushed the issue as I am comfortable with the one time and am usually occupied during communion.

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