Is it OK to receive communion at the Saturday vigil Mass and again twice on Sunday?

I am have a question regarding communion multiple times.
You see I have to sing with a choir for the Saturday Night Vigil Mass at 6:30 PM this weekend. Then on Sunday morning I have to altar serve the Mass at 7:30 AM. Then I have to altar serve a Tridentine Indult Mass at 9:30 AM in another church. I am aware of the permit to recive twice in a day but would it be permissible for me to get communion on Saturday evening though it is considered a Sunday Mass?
Thanks and God Bless

The restriction on reception of the Eucharist is strictly a daily limitation. So, even though the Saturday evening Mass satisfies your Sunday obligation, reception of the Eucharist counts toward your Saturday limit and does not further limit the number of times you may receive the Eucharist on Sunday.

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