Is it OK to sing the Sanctus outside of Mass?

I really find this going through my head a lot and I would like to sing it in my daily prayers but I am not sure if it is reserved only for Mass.

If it was reserved for the Mass only then no one would be able to practice singing it to prepare for Mass. A lot of choirs would be doing something wrong!

[Let me give away a secret. Choir members tend speak somewhat devilishly betwixt themselves about how they speak/sing ‘the “A” word’ (Alleluia) at choir practice even during Lent.] :smiley:

Go ahead and and sing for your daily prayers!

Ha! I never thought of that. Thank you :o

The Sanctus is a prayer and we are encouraged to pray. There is no prayer that I know of that is only allowed in Mass…I guess you could say that the pray to consecrate the bread and wine into the body and blood of christ is reserved for mass alone, however, unless you are a priest, you do not hold the power to perform this prayer.

During Adoration on Friday nights I always recite the Sanctus quietly.
I know that I am joining with the heavenly hosts in praising our Lord.

It is perfectly o.k.
Prayer is prayer. You can pray any time to God using any words, spontaneous ones from within you or the written ones; Go right ahead and praise God anytime, The angels do it!

Amen, I asked my Pastor if it is allowed for me to pray the Nicene creed during daily prayer and he said, “Of course, if you believe it to be true why would you not want to pray it?” He went on to tell me that all prayer is your own conversation with God and pray whatever your heart compells you. As Father says, if your heart compells you to pray something it could be God speaking to your heart. Be submissive to him.
Peace to you,

The Church used to practice the solemn recitation of a Te Deum in response to great events in the world: coronations, new popes, etc., by singing it. In that prayer, the words “Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dominus, Deus Sabaoth: pleni sunt caeli et terra maiestatis gloriae tuae” are used. This ancient hymn has never been used inside Mass, but was very often a concluding procession. All official prayers give glory to God, and we are called to do just that all the moments of our lives. We can’t “pray constantly”, as Our Lord taught us, if we run out of prayers to say! :smiley:

This adds a little more meaning to the normal Mass setting (OF and EF) which is:

  Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus,
  Dòminus Deus Sàbaoth.  
  Pleni sunt caeli et terra 
  in glòria tua. 
  Hosànna in excèlsis.  
  Benedictus qui venit 
  in nòmine Dòmini.  
  Hosànna in excèlsis.

but I like it.

It sounds great in the shower.


It only would not be allowed as part of a Communion Service because it could muddy the distinction between Mass and a Communion Service.

You can say it whenever you want, it’s not only for Mass :wink:

Your right, the only prayer that is strictly reserved for the Mass is the Eucharistic Prayer, and that is for obvious reasons.

Thanks all. And it does sound good in the shower, tried that this morning :smiley:

EVERY prayer in the Mass is one that can be used virtually anywhere.

The only part of the Mass that can not be used outside of the Mass is the Consecration. And only priests can do the consecration, which takes it out of our venue.

Read what precede the Sanctus. It speaks of joining the Heavenly Hosts in their unending Hymn of Praise. How can THEY really do that, if it is ONLY restricted to the Mass?

How about this.

In a commercial on all the TV channels a car insurance company (I believe) uses the Sanctus from the Mozart Requiem to advertize its product. That disturbs me.

I think it’s being done in ignorance. I speculate that they just wanted some splendid classical music, which it certainly is.

It might end up as a double promotion, the insurance and the Mass. :slight_smile:

I pray the Sanctus outside of Mass. And I use a way better translation than what ICEL slapped together 40 years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s why I love to recite the Sanctus during Adoration! :slight_smile:


So, is the mass opinion that if your heart compels you, pray? I pray the Rosary as I walk from place to place around work, little finger Rosary. As well as the Chaplet of Divine Mercy that my spiritual advisor taught me. So many of the prayers of our Church are so awesome I say them all the time.
It’s wonderful, some people have “caught” me reading prayer cards and have asked what I’m doing, it’s a great way to open a conversation about the faith. And through God’s grace there are three families that now occupy chairs in Mass because of that example.
Because I was “caught” and got there curiosity going they became curious of and returned to there faith.
Praise God.

They who sing Gods praises pray twice.An old music teacher told me this,so I sing Hymns all the time

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