Is it OK to stream movies on Netflex

When I was googling to find alternatives to watch online movies legally, I found Netflix to stream movies unlimited for a monthly price. It is legal in my country but I wonder if it would be moral to stream movies? I mean is it fair towards the producers of the movies to stream them basically for no extra charge?

Yes, this is moral. Netflix pays the producers to stream the movies through their service. There is no piracy, theft, or violation of the seventh commandment in subscribing to Netflix and using their service.

Yes, of course. It’s like a one-price all-you-can-eat buffet.

If the movie producers were not being paid, Netflix would not be in business.

Netflix does not carry every movie and TV show. But whatever they have available is only available because they have some sort of arrangement with the content creators.

Netflix is a legal service. They are not circumventing copyright or royalties.

Subscribing to Netflix, paying the monthly fee, and accessing the content library available in YOUR country is without a double 100% moral. That being said, it becomes more grey if you are, like an estimated MILLIONS of non-Americans, using VPN or other workarounds to access the US content library outside of the US. Netflix has licensing agreements with the content owners to show certain movies / TV shows in certain countries. Netflix detects where you are based on your IP address - but there are services that mask this. Unfortunately for us non-Americans, Netflix content, while it varies from country to country, is extremely sub-par compared to the US content…

As I travel between three countries, including the US, I see my Netflix content library change the moment I cross the border… even the history of what I’ve watched automatically updates to reflect only what is available where I am in that particular moment. For a while when I was working in Toronto I had full access to the US content inadvertently as my work laptop was connected via a VPN to Cleveland…not sure of the morality in that case as it wasn’t by choice.

I was going to mention this, but I didn’t want to give the OP any ideas. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are correct, though. :slight_smile:

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